SG Celebrates With Oklahoma Lottery After$1b Landmark Reached

After a $1bn landmark was reached on its fifteenth anniversary, the US gaming technology company Scientific Games celebrated its long-term affiliate, the Oklahoma Lottery.

The historic number reflects the cumulative donations made to the Trust Fund for the Oklahoma Education Lottery, which is meant to increase state-wide funding for public education.

Since its inception in 2005, The Oklahoma Lottery, one of the youngest in the US, has collaborated with Science Games on all of its games and technology.

Three years ago, by state law, the organisation earned profit relief and began a substantial growth period with a pledge to provide Oklahoma education with additional dollars. Scratcher game retail revenues have increased by nearly 200 percent since the relief went into effect on July 1, 2017.

Jay Finks, deputy director of Oklahoma Lottery, who will become executive director on November 1. said: “When voters approved the Oklahoma Lottery in 2004, they did so with the promise of increased funding for education. Today we celebrate an accomplishment that has helped countless Oklahoma teachers and students.

“The Oklahoma Lottery recognises Scientific Games’ partnership and commitment to helping our organisation succeed.  Their contribution to our business has been a major factor in our recent success and why we can celebrate hitting the $1bn mark.”

Scientific Games operates the central gaming system and services of the Oklahoma Lottery in the network of 1,900 retailers, and has a roster of more than 50 staff members located at its operations in Oklahoma City.

Scientific Games offers Oklahoma Scratchers games through its performance-driven enhanced collaboration scheme, as well as partnering on data and insights, advanced logistics, and optimisation for retailers.

John Schulz, SVP instant products for Scientific Games added: “On behalf of Scientific Games, we congratulate the Oklahoma Lottery on topping $1bn in proceeds to education at its 15th Anniversary.

“We commend the Lottery for its vision and commitment to maximising profits to benefit education. It has been an honour to support its leadership and the State of Oklahoma on this journey to success.”