Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Wynn Resorts


According to a class action lawsuit lodged last week against the casino provider based in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal states, workplace harassment remains for women staff at Wynn Resorts.

Brenna Schrader, a massage therapist lodged the lawsuit on Thursday, having earlier disclosed that she was compelled on the co-founder and former CEO of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn, to undertake sex acts.

Mr. Wynn, a billionaire businessman who played an important part in creating the modern-day skyline of Las Vegas, was banned from the business he founded in the mid 2000’s after the Wall Street Journal published a damning report describing a long-running trend of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Mr. Wynn denied using his authority and impact to force women employees at Wynn Resorts to perform sexual acts and subject them to unwanted sexual advances. The WSJ study, however, accompanied by stacks of litigation and legislative inquiries in all areas where Wynn Resorts runs casino property, led in the banishment of the businessman and heavy penalties and scolding for his business.

Wynn Resorts managers proceed to “emotionally abuse” Ms. Schrader, according to the lawsuit. From 2012 to 2016, Ms. Schrader was compelled to carry sex acts on the former CEO of the company.

Her legal request stated that “defendants appear to blame victims for the discriminatory environment that permeates workplace atmosphere to this day.” She went on to say business managers called her and other woman members of Mr. Wynn’s sexual attempts “prostitutes and sluts.” According to the lawsuit, Ms. Schrader attempted to report the sexually hostile work environment and “the sexual prison-like atmosphere,” but her efforts had been encountered with opposition.

Her lawsuit claimed that Wynn Resorts continued to assist Mr. Wynn outwardly through multiple memorandum, which is calculated to prevent woman staff from working together and freeing themselves from compulsory sexual servitude and a sexually hostile atmosphere.

Commenting on news of the recent lawsuit, Wynn Resorts said in an email sent to the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Friday that the firm is “deeply committed to a fair, supportive, and open work environment.”  Since the closure of a legislative inquiry, the firm went on to say it had not obtained any complaints of the type outlined in the lawsuit of Ms. Schrader other than the lawsuit.

The casino provider has been permitted to maintain its gaming permits in both states, but authorities have hit it with heavy penalties and countless circumstances pertaining to the company’s anti-sexual harassment measures to prevent further and tougher legislative intervention.

The Nevada Gaming Commission fined Wynn Resorts $20 million and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission fined them a further $35 million.



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