Setka Cup And Prague Table Tennis Sign New Collaboration

The Prague Table Tennis Association in the Czech Republic has signed a new collaboration with the Setka Cup, which is powered by BETER.

Setka Cup’s daily competitions will now be officially recognised and supported in the European Union as a result of the new agreement.

Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER said: “For the Setka Cup, a partnership with the Prague Table Tennis Association means an official recognition on the international level and an opportunity to join the supporters of table tennis development in the EU.

“It is the right direction that will join our hands with sports communities and professional associations in other countries and help us organize more sports events and involve top athletes.”

Attracting athletes and expand sporting events

The Prague Table Tennis Association will organise sporting and educational table tennis activities in conjunction with the Setka Cup. The goal of this agreement is to “attract more athletes, including prize winners of world championships and participants of the Olympic Games, and expand the number of sporting events of the Setka Cup brand in Europe.”

“We are honoured to partner with the Setka Cup, and believe that our cooperation will benefit both parties,” said Milos Vojacek, President of Prague Table Tennis Association.

“This significant agreement will allow us to boost table tennis development and promotion in Prague and the Czech Republic.”

Setka Cup’s worldwide table tennis, tennis, and beach volleyball championships feature 700 active players and over 7,500 matches every month in 13 arenas across four cities. At sportsbooks in 150 countries, live analytics and detailed player data are also accessible for each game.

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