Senet Provides CSR accreditation

A new enforcement accreditation was provided by Senet – a gambling act in Australia, the regulatory framework and compliance advisory – to protect individuals from gambling risk and money laundering.

Designed to protect

The accreditation, known as Senet Assure and Senet Assure Premium, has been designed to protect gaming organisations and venues, their clients, and their communities.

Paul Newson, Senet’s regulatory and gaming expert, clarified that the certifications come at a time when the industry faces major enforcement challenges.

“The certification will only be awarded to operators who can demonstrate the highest level of vigilance,” he said.

“Our team has developed this accreditation based on our deep knowledge of the complexities and challenges in 2021 facing gambling operators committed to responsible gambling outcomes and staying a step ahead of criminal activity.”

Responsible gambling culture

Furthermore, Newson noted that accreditation would be a clear demonstration of the ‘commitment of an operator to a responsible gambling culture.’

He continued: “The accreditation is a way for industry leaders to demonstrate they are meeting the highest standards of accountability and exceeding best practice in protecting their customers and their staff in cultivating a workplace culture of compliance and social responsibility.”

In-play betting

At the SBC Summit Barcelona-Digital, Newson previously spoke, explaining that in-play betting is often connected to problem gambling rates, despite initial studies advocating the introduction of it.

He said at the time: “Obviously there are other arguments to allow in-play betting. Relying on problem gambling to sustain a ban is fraught with difficulty. Speaking only for New South Wales, problem gambling has been at a static and quite modest level for the last 15 years. That’s not to dismiss it, it’s a very serious issue and the appropriate policy initiatives do need to be in place and improved over time to embrace technology. But when you have player accounts, there is much more sophistication available to interrogate that information.”