Semen Kravets Wins 2019 EPT Prague National For €262,309

It was Semen Kravets who took down the €1,100 EPT National in Prague after a three-way deal dominated the final table as another huge field was created by the latest EPT game.

The EPT National cost only € 1,100 to join and presented a field of 2,452 players with the traditional Christmas cracker of a festival welcoming players to Prague’s Yuletide Paradise.

On the final day, only six players kicked off the game, and it was Kravets who had the chip lead, but if the Russian player felt that the final day would be a parade for him, he was wrong.

First to leave the six games was Gregory Telman, who moved all – in with ace-ten, just to be called by Chinese player Yin Liu, whose ace-king was in front and stayed in front to reduce the field to five players.

Although Kravets lost the lead, the advantage was taken by Romanian player Narcis Nedelcu, it would be Nedelcu himself who would go out in fifth place. All-in and at risk with ace-king, Nedelcu was well ahead of Kravets, who had king-jack, but although an as arrived on the flop and a king on the turn, Kravets made a runner-runner flush on the river to drown the chances of his opponents.

Next to bust, Yin Liu was short-stacked and desperate to return to the fight. Finnish player Jussi Mattila made the call with a perfect king-jack with all his chips in the middle with ace-four hole cards and managed to find the flush on the river just like the chip leader.

It was rough justice for Liu, who finished at the same festival in 5th, his result in the side event of Hyper Turbo just one place behind his latest effort. As talks turned to a three-way deal between the remaining players, fourth place didn’t feel any sweeter.

Talks broke down between the trio initially, but reigned a couple of minutes later when a timely 20-minute break seemed to bridge any previous concerns. The deal was agreed, and play was decided to go on with the following agreement being signed, sealed, and delivered almost.

Jasper Meijer van Putten €202,048
Jussi Mattila €247,978
Semen Kravets €232,033

Kravets, Jasper Meijer van Putten and Mattila played for the win with an extra € 30,276 to play with, ready with some cold drinks and a good disposition to pay-out now they were all in their accounts at least € 202,048.

Kravets went on the attack, and Meijer van Putten was taken out in two hands. Heads-up lasted a lot longer, with almost two hours of action after taking pictures of the winners. In reality, Jussi Mattila had the lead with a ratio of 3:2 going into the final duel. But he was given the lead by a critical flush for Kravets and Mattila called Kravets ‘ four-bet shove with ace-ten carrying pocket nines in the final deck. The flop was free for the Finn, but when an ace dropped on the turn and no nine could fall on the river, the Finnish’s finish was guaranteed.

EPT National Prague final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Semen Kravets Russia €262,309*
2nd Jussi Mattila Finland €247,978*
3rd Jasper Meijer van Putten Netherlands €202,048*
4th Yin Liu China € 104,395
5th Narcis Nedelcu Romania € 87,095
6th Gregory Telman Israel € 70,265
7th Rafael Alkhouri Sweden € 53,670
8th Grzegorz Wyraz Poland € 38,770
9th Patrick El Kallas Jordan € 29,540

* After a three-handed deal