Sega Sammy Creation Inc Reports Loss For Financial Year

Japanese gaming conglomerate Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated has reportedly announced that its subordinate Sega Sammy Creation Incorporated has posted a loss for its most recent financial year of approximately $14.8 million.

The Yokohama-headquartered entity is headed by former International Game Technology (IGT) executive Scott Winzeler, according to a study from Inside Asian Gaming, and manufactures and sells a variety of slot and electronic gaming machines to casinos spread across Asia and the United States. The source clarified that as gambling-friendly establishments around the world briefly closed their doors over the summer to help stop the spread of the potentially lethal coronavirus outbreak, the new financials of the company were inevitably seriously affected.

Founded in 2013, Sega Sammy Development Incorporated reportedly started this year by providing its SicBo Maximum Fortune and Roulette Maximum Fortune games with rapid results show features. It allegedly later went on to launch the Philippines’ giant Okada Manila integrated casino resort to its standalone Baccarat Maximum Fortune baccarat title.

In addition, Sega Sammy Development Incorporated reportedly entered the Vietnamese market in June by taking its Virtua Fighter Battle Genesis invention to the Macau Gaming Club in Hanoi, while August saw several Macau casinos premiere progressive slot titles from the Volcano Link family of the group.

Sega Sammy Holdings Incorporated, headquartered in Tokyo, reportedly owns a minority stake in the integrated casino resort of Paradise City in South Korea, while also operating the non-gaming Phoenix Seagaia Resort on Kyushu, a southern Japanese island. In addition , the company reportedly has an interest in opening up a gambling-friendly development in its home country, although it disclosed in August that its net profit for the second quarter had fallen by almost 300 percent year-on-year to a deficit of around $31.3 million.

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