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Most people think creating an online slot game themed on the Illuminati would be difficult, but NetEnt has again proven them wrong. The Illuminati is a term that has been applied to a variety of groups, both actual and imagined. In contrast, historically, the term was most commonly used to refer to the Bavarian Illuminati. This was a secret society from the 18th century’s Enlightenment period.

The society’s objectives were to combat obscurantism, superstition, religious influence in public life, and state power abuses. In 1784, 1785, 1787, and 1790, the Bavarian monarch Charles Theodore, with the support of the Roman Catholic Church, abolished the society through law. Conservative and religious detractors condemned the group afterwards, claiming that they had remained underground and were responsible for the French Revolution, which occurred between 1789 and 1799.

The Secret Code slot game takes you on a journey with this exclusive and secret society, and it’s a fascinating product to play on the whole. To know more about this video slot, from its special features to its special symbols, keep reading this review for more information.

About Secret Code Slot Game

Secret Code is a stately five-reel slot featuring cutting-edge graphics and a grand style. The game takes place in Gothic dungeons, which the Illuminati use for secret meetings. As a result, there is a semi-dark, chilly stone feeling. Classic NetEnt product buttons are given a stylized finish in accordance with the chosen theme.

Among the game’s symbols are amulets with antique nationality ornaments, rings with seals, representations of hourglasses, which seem to remind us of the passing of time, books – an intrinsic attribute of wisdom, as well as the key to the well, the gold coin, and the players themselves. The symbols are animated in a laconic and rapid manner so that the overall picture is not overloaded and the energy of what is happening on the screen is acceptable.

You can familiarize yourself with the bonus game features by using the “View function” option in the Control Panel, in addition to the conventional buttons for betting and setting gameplay characteristics. This efficient approach will assist the user in navigating the process more effectively.

How To Play Secret Code Slot Online

Secret Code, unlike other online slot games, is simple to play.

  • Log in to any online casino
  • Select “Secret Code”
  • Click on the “Options tab” from the drop-down menu to view your deposit balance.
  • The “Coin Value” buttons can be used to adjust the coin’s size from 0.01 to 0.5. The maximum number for a single bet is $50
  • Select the “Spin Button” to spin the reels

Interactive Features

Many parts of the Illuminati’s secret occult communities were kept hidden. There is even speculation that their clout was so tremendous that they could govern political processes invisibly at times of triumph. The Illuminati had to have amassed a substantial fortune because money buys power, as we all know. You are urged to take advantage of members of the community’s trust and benefit from it.

Game Symbols

The high-value symbols are innovative and artistically designed symbols, while the low-value symbols are the regular symbols. The symbols include:

  • Fleur de Lis – pays 3x, 15x, 30x your line bet
  • Cross – pays 5x, 20x, 50x your line bet
  • Celtic Triquetra – pays 6x, 25x, 75x your line bet
  • Sun Ring – pays 7x, 30x, 100x your line bet
  • Ying Yang Ring – pays 8x, 40x, 125x your line bet
  • Celtic Ring – pays 10x, 50x, 150x your line bet
  • Hourglass – pays 3x, 20x, 75x, 1000x your line bet
  • Book of Secrets – pays 5x, 30x, 125x, 1500x your line bet
  • Treasure Hunter – pays 7x, 40x, 150x, 2000x your line bet
  • Symbologist – pays 10x, 50x, 200x, 4000x your line bet

Bonus Features

Wilds and free spins bonus games are featured in the Secret Code Slot machine, and they are responsible for a variety of in-game bonuses. Here are the bonus features in the Secret Code slot:

  • Secret Code Free Spins Feature: Free Spins are triggered when three or more Scatters appear on the reels. When playing in Free Spins mode, 2 or more Scatter symbols will multiply your wins by the number of Scatter symbols displayed. Free Spin wins are multiplied by the multiplier stated and paid out as the win amount for the betting line (1X up to 20X). Multipliers do not apply to bonus winnings. The game’s Free Spins Bonus Collector will activate when at least three Scatter symbols appear on the reels in Free Spin mode. Players will be given 20 stones, which a Druid will guard. To get your Free Spin Bonus, choose between 3 and 5 stones.
  • Secret Code Wild Feature: Keep an eye out for the wild symbol (a cloaked figure carrying a dagger), which can replace all symbols save the scatter and bonus symbols. It now appears on the three middle reels and expands to span the entire reel when part of a winning combination — expect big payouts if you get three fully wild reels.
  • Secret Code Bonus Feature: In this Bonus feature, you’ll be welcomed into the secret society if you get the key and lock bonus symbol on reels 3, 4, and 5. You are shown five masked statues, each carrying a chest and a set of five keys; the goal is to match the keys to the chests. If you do, an angel will appear, along with a monetary prize. You will not be rewarded if you reveal a demon. You can next opt to gamble all of your winnings, half of your winnings, or none of your winnings.

What Symbol Triggers Secret Code Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Free Spins are the main attraction of this slot, and they are activated when three or more scatter symbols and can happen anywhere on the reels. Selecting a scatter will show the number of free spins you’ll be awarded as well as the multiplier you’ll be using. If you acquire two or more scatter symbols during the feature, you will benefit from a growing multiplier as the number of scatter symbols increases.

Paylines and Stakes

Secret Code is a 20-payline slot game, which allows you a variety of wagering options. Secret Code slot machine has a betting range of £0.20 to £50.

Secret Code Slot Game Software

NetEnt is known as one of the world’s leading casino software providers. They’ve made it to the top by focusing on original gaming material and ingenuity. NetEnt has employed about 1000 employees, the majority of whom work in research & development.

Their popularity and growth are indicative of the high quality of their software. They have a devoted following among casino owners and players. The enormous 21.4 billion dollars further evidence this in gaming transactions they had in 2014. Since then, their popularity has only grown.

Over 170 casinos now use NetEnt software. This number is rapidly increasing as a result of player demand for their program. There are 220 titles in their gaming software catalogue. Through their Touch software platform, the majority of these have been upgraded to incorporate mobile-friendly versions. Other popular Netent casino games include:

You can play these slots and other famous slots at most online casinos.

What is Secret Code RTP?

The Return To Player (RTP) of the Secret Code slot is 96.3%, so there’s a good possibility you’ll win some cash with it.

Slot Volatility

With a medium to high variance, this Secret Code offers players decent payouts, although they only appear on a semi-regular basis.


This slot is a fascinating game to play, regardless of whether you are new to the slot world or have previous gaming experience. Secret Code is one of NetEnt’s most sophisticated and captivating games. It’s full of suspense and mystery, and its unique traits only contribute to its allure.

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