SCJ Reveal Chile Casino Revenue Rose to $3.8m In January

The Chilean gambling regulator, the Superintendency of Gambling Casinos (SCJ), has released reports of its January financial performance, which reveal $3.8 million in sales.

Just 14 of Chile’s 26 operating casinos were allowed to return in January, but the SCJ has already provided the green light for other facilities to reopen this month if they’re in jurisdictions that are currently in Phase 2 of the restarts.

According to the survey, gross gambling sales for the 10 casinos approved by Law 19.995 and the four casinos with local concessions totaled $14 million, which is just 40.9 percent of what was reported in the same month the previous year.

“However, considering daily revenues corresponding to days where casinos actually operated, they achieved 64.9 percent in revenues on average” in comparison to 2020, according to the SCJ.

The gaming authority also announced that casinos had 82,753 visitors in January, which was an 80 percent decrease from the previous year.

The 11 casinos that reopened in December, the first month of operations following an eight-month involuntary shutdown due to COVID-19, paid about $1.8 million in taxes to the state.

The study also showed that gross gambling revenue for the nine private casinos and two local concession casinos totaled $5.9 million in November, a 43.6 percent decrease from November 2019. The SCJ claims there was a decrease because regular trips were 57.2 percent smaller than in the same timeframe the previous year.

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