SciPlay Looks To Recruite For Growing Austin Workforce

SciPlay, a social gaming company, is actively looking to fill several new positions at its Austin, Texas office, adding to the 120 staff it has hired in the last 12 months. The global workforce of the company currently numbers nearly 500 staff.

Established in 2016, the Austin bureau has expanded in just four years to more than 130 employees. After recruiting more than 20 workers to the global workforce after COVID-19 struck the company anticipates hiring more than 30 additional employees there in 2020.

Karen LeBlanc, the bureau’s chief recruiter said: “It has been an absolute joy to watch our SciPlay family grow with the addition of dozens of our city’s brightest and finest game developers . We are passionate about creating an inclusive culture that celebrates creativity, new ideas, innovative technology and our individual weirdness.”

While digital gaming continues to expand, SciPlay seeks to fill many different roles that differ in expertise from partner to main level, including software engineers, game play analysts, game developers, QA software engineers, game designers, and product managers.

The business said its current staff continues to operate very effectively from home and has developed a remote recruiting strategy to address any limitations resulting from social distance.

Kimber Dall, Vice President of People Operations said: “We are incredibly fortunate that we’ve been growing consistently in the past year.

“Our highly digitised workforce allows SciPlay to work and recruit virtually with great success. Our players need us more than ever, and we will continue to make every effort to provide them with everlasting entertainment during this difficult time.”

SciPlay encourages workers to over-communicate and participate in more video calls, instant messages and interactions on its internal networks in order to promote good contact between workers. The company also holds once a week virtual team building events to inspire employees to come together and celebrate their continuing accomplishments.

Dall added: “We clearly see the need for continued expansion and want to keep talent acquisition as a top priority for SciPlay. As we continue to grow, we’re looking to add talented individuals to our team who take pride in their work, embrace unique perspectives and care deeply about their colleagues.

“Most importantly, our newest recruits must have a passion for the game. We get to work where others play, and part of our secret sauce is bringing together engineers, artists and producers who love the game as much as our players do.”