SBTech Takes Going Live Process For WLA Member Hat-Trick Seriously

SBTech said that it “refuses to take lightly” the process of getting new operators to go live through its sports betting solutions.

James Coxon, SBTech’s VP of Commercial, added that it prioritises getting “fully under the hood of exactly what they want as a business”.

In response to the organisation scoring a World Lottery Association (WLA) member hat trick winning in 2019, he spoke at last month’s Betting on Sports Conference.

“Once the contract gets signed, we have a kick off workshop – usually in Sofia – where we invite their project team inclusive of their IT sponsors, sportsbook sponsors and product sponsors to fully scope and spec out the solution requirements,” explained Coxon.

“We don’t take that process lightly, getting fully under the hood of exactly what they want as a business unit. And then we move into the development process itself, so we have multiple sections that we go through from our development teams.

“We work with agile methodology and with a complete testing environment to make sure that every product solution, every version, every release is fully tested to the nth degree before it is released to the customer for UAT. And once that’s completed we sign it off as a joint business and we move forward to go live.”

A multi-channel sportsbook deal with Svenska Spel, which followed wins with Veikkaus and The Oregon Lottery, came the third leg of this WLA hat-trick last month.

It was reported at the time that Svenska Spel’s procurement team was impressed with proprietary features like Yourbet–a bet creator specifically tailored to the country’s marketplace that allows players to customize bets across common local sports.

Coxon admitted that SBTech was especially excited to see’ Yourbet’ on Svenska Spel, one of Sweden’s former gambling monopolies, in practice.

“It’s going to be huge,” he said. “For us, having these product innovations going live with some of the biggest businesses in the world – specifically some of the most recent contract awards – is incredibly exciting for us as a business.

“We have a fantastic team of developers, a wonderful product team. For them to see these products live in new jurisdictions with tier 1 WLA members is incredibly exciting for our business.”