SBIF Aims To Better Inform Betting Integrity Stakeholders

The Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF) has revamped its website and online resources in order to better inform all essential stakeholders involved in safeguarding sports integrity in the United Kingdom.

Within the Council of Europe’s “Macolin Convention” on the protection of professional sports against manipulation and criminal threats, the forum serves as the UK’s representative betting integrity organisation.

The SBIF has revamped its website to create a user-friendly platform for varied stakeholders seeking information and tools on sports integrity. The SBIF has released its integrity reports since 2015.

Sports and Sports Betting Integrity Action Plan

The SBIF’s ‘Sports and Sports Betting Integrity Action Plan,’ which the intelligence unit co-developed with the UK Gambling Commission, is available on the internet (UKGC).

“The 2021 Plan builds on the last several years work by SBIF with key priority actions for 2021 highlighting the risks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and considering the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s approach to betting integrity,” noted the SBIF.

A ‘sports betting integrity training module’ is another resource, giving educational options for larger UK business stakeholders dealing with betting incumbents on best practises connected to maintaining integrity matters.

The UKGC’s ‘Sports Betting Intelligence Unit’ (SBIU) – the sports integrity data gathering unit overseen by the SBIF – has mandated licenced bookmakers to provide standardised data to the UKGC’s ‘Sports Betting Intelligence Unit’ (SBIU) since April.

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