SBC Americas Collabs With HPL Digital Sport For Webinar Series

SBC Americas has collaborated with HPL Digital Sport to launch a new webinar series that explores how branding can be strengthened in the quickly expanding US sports betting industry.

The Reach & Retain Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game series will concentrate on ways that will allow businesses to gain insight into the US betting public and consider how best-in-class approaches to branding, marketing, and communications will help them make a bigger impact.

Active and practical insight

SBC’s Managing Director, Andrew McCarron, said: “It’s great to partner with HPL Digital Sport on this webinar series as they are able to provide active and practical insight into the best ways to achieve branding in the sports betting sector. Their expertise should provide our audience with plenty of ideas around how they could make their marketing execution more effective.”

HPL Digital Sport CEO Ed Moed explained: “The sports betting industry is at the start of its journey in the US, which means that brands are still looking to gain a foothold with a whole new category of sports bettors. The Reach & Retain Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game series will examine different ways for operators to build their brands more effectively, while adding customers along the way.”

Front-of-mind visibility

The first session of Reach & Retain Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game will take place on March 25th and will concentrate on how operators and publishers will create front-of-mind visibility during one of the most competitive sports betting marketing times of the year – March Madness.

The first episode, will look into how brands can boost the sophistication, loyalty, and return on their customer acquisition and retention activities. The session would show that targeting future buyers during this critical promotion era isn’t just about making great promo advertising or putting out more content than the competition.

The expert panel will address how crucial it is to effectively combine three main components of a marketing campaign in order to make a difference, especially during March Madness.

Those are:

  • Raising the bar on creative design for a brand and forthcoming results
  • Advertising that leverages promotions and more that actually resonate
  • Technology and media used correctly to break through

Register here for episode 1

Future episodes

In April, Episode 2 will look at the art and science of storytelling to the media that matters, as well as how important it is to create brands, whilst Episode 3 will see HPL Digital Sport sharing the findings of an exclusive analysis into how business professionals view their brands.

Episode 4 will concentrate on what draws prospective buyers and how to create a brand that will cater to the business community while simultaneously attracting the funds needed to stand out in the market.