SAZKA Group Count Costs Of Turbulent 2020

SAZKA Group said it would show the corporate benefits of its restructured group strategy, which saw its expanded company divisions disrupted by the extraordinary events of a turbulent 2020.

SAZKA group recorded ‘consolidated group sales’ of €2 billion in its full-year 2020 performance, up 6 percent from the €1.9 billion reported in FY2019.

SAZKA posted an underlining GGR of €1.4 billion, down 26percent year on year, excluding the output of the H2 acquired properties of Casinos Austria and Greek online bookmaker Stoiximan.

During Q2 and Q4 trading, the Czech gambling group’s success was hindered by venue and retail consumer restrictions imposed across all core European markets.

SAZKA’s company consolidated EBITDA fell to €459 million in FY2019, down 22 percent from €592 million in FY2019, after accounting for no normalised operating conditions.

SAZKA’s underlying Operating EBITDA decreased by 38 percent year on year to €335 million, excluding contributions from Casinos Austria and Stoiximan.

SAZKA set a new record for group operating in 2020, with €47 million spent on land, plant and equipment, and intangible assets.

SAZKA recorded €58 million in group underlining income for fiscal year 2020, down 78 percent from €260 million in fiscal year 2019.

Despite its trading challenges, SAZKA stated that it had completed a number of main financial transactions to protect its €413 million in free cash flow.

SAZKA Group CEO Robert Chvatal said: “2020 has shown that we are well-positioned to weather extreme circumstances.

“We benefit in particular from our diverse range of products, sales channels and geographical exposure, our favourable cost structure, the strong cash flow generation of our business and our strong liquidity and access to multiple sources of capital.”

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