Sam Soverel Wins 2019 Poker Masters Purple Jacket

The 2019 Poker Masters had been a three-horse race until the final event, but ultimately it was Sam Soverel who won the Purple Jacket, as he galloped away from his closest challengers, Chance Kornuth and Kahle Burns to bag Event #10, the series’ final event.

In some respects, in 2019, Sam Soverel redefined high roller performance, winning this 10-event series as well as the British Poker Open. He was, dominant at the felt and blessed with a perfect personality to the point of being a virtually robotically unreadable player, won over $1.3 million in taking down the 2019 Poker Masters, but it never seemed all about the money as he first caught and then outstripped his rivals with incredible style.

It’s a huge compliment to say that Sam Soverel was never written off for the title despite Chance Kornuth taking an early lead and Kahle Burns charging into contention himself, and yet he never seemed to be surprised as he overtook his opponents.

Soverel had the air of a man who was always in charge, even without the chip lead, in the final event, the $50,000-entry Poker Masters Main Event. Just five would cash with six players left, and the unfortunate bubble boy was the winner of Poker Master 2018, Ali Imsirovic. The Bosnian big hitter had top pair and top kicker on the flop but wasn’t able to hold against Stephen Chidwick, who rivered straight with the chips already engaged.

Seth Davies was busting with the remaining five players in the money when his pocket queens crashed into the pocket kings of Soverel, and it was the luckless Chidwick who bustled in fourth place, eliminated in exactly the same fashion, this time his pocket queens no match for the pocket kings of Chris ‘ Big Huni’ Hunichen.

The heads-up clash was set when Elio Fox endured the fate of losing a full house to a better full house, his nines over seven losing to Soverel’s nines over eight. But who’d use their hand-winning pocket kings to become king?

It could only be one man. With a 4:1 chip lead, Sam Soverel went into the duel and did not take long to finish the fight, his all – in covering move with queen-ten seeing Hunichen making the call with pocket deuces. It was a race, and just like the leaderboard of the Poker Masters itself, Soverel would prove to be the master of coming from behind to win, a queen giving him the crown he deserved so richly and earning him Event #10.

Poker Masters 2019 event #10 final table results:

Place Player Winnings
1st Sam Soverel $680,000
2nd Chris Hunichen $442,000
3rd Elio Fox $272,000
4th Stephen Chidwick $170,000
5th Seth Davies $136,000


Sam Soverel had outfought, outdrawn, out-battled and out-thought some of the world’s best players after 10 tournaments, winning more than double any other player and cashing in an amazing seven of the ten events.

Receiving the 2019 Poker Masters Purple Jacket from the 2018 winner Ali Imsirovic, Soverel looked genuinely humbled, sincerely thankful for his love of poker, and playing the game as long as he could in any event just because he adores the opportunity of such a competition with such popularity has awarded him.

The $100,000 he earned to win the Purple Jacket wasn’t really significant at this level of the game. That’s another buy-in to another case and just in that way has a lot of value. But that was Soverel’s cherished sense of achievement, of glory.

Just like at the British Poker Open in 2019, Sam Soverel did just that, adding his name to the history of poker and for doing what he has this year, Soverel deserves to be remembered.

Poker Masters 2019 final leaderboard:

Position Name Points Winnings Cashes
1st Sam Soverel 1160 $1,396,800 7 7
2nd Kahle Burns 630 $585,950 3
3rd Chance Kornuth 630 $556,400 3
4th Sean Winter 480 $495,350 4
5th Ali Imsirovic 450 $497,600 3
6th George Wolff 420 $404,500 3
7th Alex Foxen 330 $169,450 3
8th Kristen Bicknell 300 $408,000 1
9th Sergi Reixach 300 $369,000 1
10th Isaac Baron 300 $223,100 1