Sam Soverel Triumphs In #7 2019 Poker Master

In Event #7, the $25,000-entry PLO event at the 2019 Poker Masters in Las Vegas, British Poker Open champion Sam Soverel has triumphed after a final table full of action.

At the start of the day, Soverel appeared a long way behind the leader Chance Kornuth who was 33 points clear of the competition, after finishing as runner-up in three previous events. But with his victory he has come to within 70 points of the overall lead with win, and will now no doubt fancy his chances of chasing down Chance to grab what would be an amazing high-roller crown.

Anthony Zinno, who burst into life on the World Series of Poker Europe home straight, finishing fourth in the Player of the Year title race, finished fifth in this event. Zinno was outdrawn by Soverel to a higher straight line than his, which began the rise of the latter to the leaderboard.

The Australian player Kahle Burns left the game with four players left. Burns was pre-flop ahead, but Soverel caught a couple of tens. Once George Wolff was eliminated in third place, Sean Winter’s drawing hand of jack-nine-eight-seven flushed tens of his trips on the turn, the game was down to heads-up.

Winter went into the day’s final duel in prime position to win his own maiden Poker Masters event, but he couldn’t close the deal against the high roller in 2019, no one seems to be able to get the best of it.

$25,000-Entry Poker Masters Event #7 PLO results:

Place Player Prize
1st Sam Soverel $340,000
2nd Sean Winter $221,000
3rd George Wolff $136,000
4th Kahle Burns $85,000
5th Anthony Zinno $68,000


With three events left at the top of the 2019 Poker Masters leaderboard, Chance Kornuth has a 60-point advantage over Sam Soverel. Event # 8 is going to be crucial, of course, but if someone else is going to challenge the pair for the top honour, they’ll probably have to win one of the next two events.

2019 Poker Masters standings:

Place Name Points Winnings
1st Chance Kornuth 630 $556,400
2nd Sam Soverel 570 $491,800
3rd Kahle Burns 330 $194,200
4th Kristen Bicknell 300 $408,000
5th Isaac Baron 300 $223,100
6th Ryan Laplante 300 $186,000
7th Julien Martini 300 $166,400
8th Jared Bleznick 300 $153,000
9th Jonathan Depa 300 $133,200
10th Sean Winter 270 $250,100