Safari Madness Slot

What if I told you that you could climb in the back of a Jeep and drive out into the bush to witness some amazing animals in their natural environment without actually travelling?

You’ll be transported to the heart of the plains in NetEnt’s Safari Madness slot game, where you’ll be able to see an array of creatures frolicking and going about their daily lives. On the surface, the game appears to be a replica of a normal slot machine cabinet put within a NetEnt facility.

To know everything you need to know about Safari Madness online slot game, from its casino bonuses to its minimum and maximum bets, as well as its game symbols, keep reading this review till the end!

About Safari Madness Slot Game

Safari Madness video slot has a three-reel, three-row layout with 8 paylines. While the emblems spin independently of one another, the symbols themselves are arranged on the reels, creating a total of nine reels. The numerous symbols in the game may be accessed through this interface, which is really convenient. It is especially suited for the theme to use animal symbols that depict aggressive and passive lions, lazy hippos, cunning crocodiles, and fast impalas, among other things. A safari Jeep symbol and single, double, and triple BAR icons have been added to the collection. As an older product, it does not have the increased high-quality graphics present in more recent NetEnt releases, but they are still rather good for their age and are reminiscent of other NetEnt games.

Using these reels and icons in conjunction with one another, players will be able to place bets on a total of eight different bet lines. On all three horizontals, all three verticals, and from either of the two diagonals, you can find these if you look carefully. These can also be customized to meet your specific gambling preferences. To go between the numbers one and eight, hit the ‘Single Line’ button on your keyboard. Furthermore, the bet you can place begins with the two coins in the bottom left corner, which are worth €0.10 and €0.20, respectively, and works its way up from there. Each of the active lines can be bet on a total of eight times, resulting in a maximum total wager value of €12.80 each spin for each of the eight active lines.

How To Play Safari Madness Slot Online

Safari Madness, unlike other online slot games, is simple to play.

  • Log in to any online casino
  • Select “Safari Madness”
  • Click on the “Options tab” from the drop-down menu to view your deposit balance
  • The “Coin Value” buttons can be used to adjust the coin’s size from 0.01 to 0.5. A total of 6.4 coins are available for use in a single bet.
  • Select the “Spin Button” to spin the reels.

Interactive Features

Aside from the BAR and asterisk symbols, there are portraits of the amateur safari guide, his car, and various exotic animals such as impalas, lions, crocodiles, and giraffes, among the game symbols in the classic Safari Madness slot machine. Safari Madness does not have any special characters, such as the Wild symbol, because it is a classic format, but the player can still influence the amount of money won.

Game Symbols

The high-paying symbols are innovative and artistically designed symbols, while the low-paying symbols are the regular symbols. The symbols include: 

  • x3 Giraffe – pays 8x your line bet
  • x3 Any Bar – pays 8x your line bet
  • x3 Impala – pays 10x your line bet
  • x3 Crocodile – pays 10x your line bet
  • x3 Car – pays 14x your line bet
  • x3 Lion – pays 20x your line bet
  • x3 Single Bar – pays 40x your line bet
  • x3 Double Bar – pays 100x your line bet
  • x3 Triple Bar – pays 300x your line bet
  • x3 Safari Guide – 400x your line bet

Bonus Features

In contrast to other traditional slots, the Safari Madness video game slot does not feature a bonus game. You should aim for the Special symbols, on the other hand, if you want to maximize your earnings. If you get three BAR symbols on any of the three reels, your wins will be increased by 700 times. Safari Madness players who get nine times the Tourist symbol on a single spin win a prize multiplier of three thousand times their original bet amount.

Safari Madness has three horizontal win lines, three vertical win lines, and two diagonal win lines. There are also three bonus games in the game. Because each win line can be activated up to eight times, players have the opportunity to win in as many as 64 different ways. Make your selections (bet max or optimize the bet) and click spin to have the bet automatically set to the maximum. In any instance, the reels will begin to spin.

Safari Madness provides players with the ability to halt the spinning of one or all of the reels. During a spin, the bottom middle three buttons will illuminate after a few seconds of inactivity. You can now choose which of the three reels you want to stop by pressing the corresponding button. In addition to the CLEAR BETS button, the SINGLE LINE and ALL LINES buttons also halt the left reel and the middle and right reels, respectively. Pressing the MAX BET or SPIN buttons will bring all of the game’s reels to a complete stop.

What Symbol Triggers Safari Madness Slot Bonus Free Spins?

NetEnt’s incredible collection of online video slots appeals to a large range of gamers. Still, it also includes classics such as this three-reel, simple-layout slot from the company’s early days.  Thus, no free spins are available to players in this slot game, and any symbols cannot trigger them. Safari Madness aims to impress and provides winning rewards as well as constant action. It was created specifically for old-school slot gamers who wish to relive the glory days of slot gaming without the usage of bonuses, scatter symbols, or free spins.

Paylines and Stakes

Safari Madness is an 8-payline slot game, which allows you a variety of wagering options. Safari Madness slot machine has a betting range of £0.10 to £6.4.

Safari Madness Slot Game Software

The services provided by NetEnt assist in the seamless operation of online casinos. Besides its cutting-edge solutions, it also offers a variety of services, including marketing services from a highly skilled team eager to assist with new projects; training services to help improve team performance; fact-based business intelligence; technical services from experts eager to ensure full optimization of gaming performances; and dedicated customer service. Other popular Netent slots include:

You can play these slots and other famous slots at most online casinos.

What is Safari Madness RTP?

The game’s RTP (return to player ratio) is 96.7 percent, which is excellent. The potential to win the jackpot of 3000 coins is also there to be taken advantage of.

Slot Volatility

The variance on this classic slot is low to medium. That is, the game offers players fair payments that occur on a semi-regular basis. Due to the obvious high variance, players have a decent chance of winning the jackpot.


Safari Madness, a three-reel slot that is both appealing and intriguing, will undoubtedly become one of your favourites. Even though there are no distinguishing symbols, the slot has everything it needs to keep its audience happy: enjoyable gameplay, bonuses, and a sizable payout. You can also play Safari Madness without registering with any NetEnt online casino if you want to have a fun time.

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