Rotoworld Rebrands As NBC Sports Edge

In a bid to reflect more sports betting resources, Fantasy sports website Rotoworld rebranded on Tuesday to NBC Sports Edge.

On Twitter, editor Matthew Pouliot clarified that the name change is not just a rebrand, as the current NBC Sports Edge platform incorporates more sports betting resources along with the details given for fantasy sports. However, though with a different look, the fantasy sports news and analysis content will still be available.

About the website

Images of NFL players to watch during the offseason, NBA players worth adding to your fantasy team right now, and NBCSN videos and timetables, as stated by Awful Announcing, are featured at the top of the new page.

There are 10 fantasy-oriented headlines to track on the web, which are primarily about the NBA and NHL right now. The right sidebar also highlights players in the previous night’s action who performed well. The betting resources that NBC Sports Edge will feature are beneath those headlines. With another choice for daily fantasy, readers can select from four monthly (or annual) plans that can assist with drafts and season-long fantasy sports.

There’s also a strategy based purely on betting. A package is also available that combines all of the resources provided by the platform for fantasy sports and betting.

About 15 years ago, Rotoworld was purchased by NBC Sports and contained mainly fantasy sports and news. While this rebrand puts a greater focus on betting, they have different subscription services and premium content tailored around the subject.