RMG To Lead QIPCO British Champions Day Media And Betting Duties

Racecourse Media Group (RMG) has been tasked with supplying media and betting rights for the most popular racing day in the UK, Ascot’s ‘QIPCO British Champions Day’ (QBCD) held on Saturday, October 17.

For its £ 2.5 million Ascot race day, British Champions Series Ltd (BCSL), organisers of QIPCO British Champions Day, have entrusted RMG with the distribution of global media rights.

In terms of QBCD betting data rights, real-time broadcasting for bookmakers and live coverage deliveries to betting shop estates, RMG will bear more commercial obligations.

Rod Street, Chief Executive of the British Champions Series, endorsed RMG as the lead commercial partner, said: “During these exceptional times, the broadcast of horseracing has taken on even greater significance and we’re delighted that our partnership with RMG will take our world-class event far and wide in terms of both viewing and betting.”

RMG reported that QBCD raceday coverage, which will be broadcast through FOX Sports US, SuperSport Africa, ESPN Latino America and Green Channel Japan networks, has been substantially improved. RMG ‘s worldwide Racing TV channel will broadcast the event to betting operators around the world for industry title holders.

Saturday’s racing day will be the first time QBCD fixtures will be shown on the latest ‘World Pool’ racing, an experience that will see Racing TV work closely with the BCSL, the UK Tote and Ascot to provide a worldwide audience with coverage.

Martin Stevenson, RMG ‘s acting CEO, stated: “RMG is delighted to team up with British Champions Series and ensure QIPCO British Champions Day receives the truly worldwide audience of race-fans and bettors which the event clearly merits.”