Rio Racecourse Operator Signs Deal With US Betting Sites

Rio de Janeiro operator of it’s  Hipódromo de Gávea, Jockey Club Brasileiro (JCB), has signed an agreement to broadcast live races with four US bookmakers. The racetrack resumed its operations in May, and has since set record numbers.

Starting this month, Pari Bet, GWG Las Vegas, XpressBet, and Elite Turf Club NV will stream live races from the Rio racecourse. As JCB stated in a statement published by BNL Data, they will also allow the local public to place bets on these events.

When the process of establishing the international protocol is complete, JCB will serve as the host and accept bets received from certain locations. The players will initially be able to bet in six different ways.

“JCB is taking another important step, not only in technological terms, but also because we’re expecting an increase in betting volume,” said the operator.

Gávea registered more than $160k in its last race in July, which is nearly double what it earned in the first week of reopening. The Rio racetrack achieved record figures in online betting, mobile devices, in person and through approved agents. Such figures reflect a major boost for Brazilian racetracks because between March and May they had experienced an 80 percent decrease in revenues.

The racecourse totalled $82.6k in bets in its first week of reopening while that amount rose to $150k on July 19. The authorities are hoping to reach the million mark in bets made during the August races, particularly after the reopening of Special Tribune A which allows people to bet in person.