Resignation Of Tom Watson Leaves Questions Over Gambling Study

Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson has announced his resignation in the UK’s latest major political news and will not vote in the forthcoming General Election.

The surprising news has sent shockwaves throughout the United Kingdom’s political scene but also has repercussions for the gambling industry, considering that it was Watson who headed an industry study.

Although superficially dismissive of the gambling industry, most investors actually welcomed some of the steps suggested such as the implementation of a gambling ombudsman. The main operators have responded to his commitment to raise £ 100 m in funds for the care, study and prevention of problem gambling.

Nonetheless, at this crucial time of the election, Watson’s Labour Party faces significant internal turmoil, one of its former MPs calls on voters to support the rival Conservative Party rather than Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and Watson himself survived a failed attempt to remove him from the role of Deputy Leader just back in September.

Watson said in his letter of resignation that he is not leaving politics but will continue to write about issues of public health, citing gambling as one of them. It was an issue recognised by the Labour leader and the prospective next prime minister.