Regulated New York Mobile Sports Betting Given Green Light

Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislative leaders signed an agreement this year to legalise mobile sports betting in New York.

While it seemed that reform would not go forward this year, a compromise was reached. The budget must now be approved by the General Assembly.

Cuomo said: “Mobile sports betting will pass. It will generate $500m annually for youth sports education. The law allows the state to directly operate mobile sports betting.

“So the $500m will go to the state, rather than a lot of middlemen who operate mobile sports betting, which is what many other states have done.”

Much needed revenue

The governor said in an official statement: “The FY 2022 Enacted Budget authorises mobile sports wagering. Once fully phased in, legalisation will provide more than $500m in much-needed revenue for the State to help rebuild from Covid-19 and grow what could be the largest sports wagering market in the US into a profitable industry long-term.” 

Cuomo has stated that this bill would not authorise the establishment of “any new casinos.”

He said: “I am opposed to any casino authorisation plan that is subject to politics. We have a Gaming Commission that makes the decision on the merits. There’s a lot of money involved in casinos.

“There’s a lot of lobbyists, there’s a lot of political contributions and I want to make sure that any decision that is made is made purely on the merits and I’ll have nothing to do with a casino plan that can be politicised.”