Reel Rush Slot

Reel Rush slot game is among NetEnt’s classic games. However, it is still darling to many online players. It is among the most popular slot games worldwide in the online gaming industry, which puts it among the busiest video slots in most online casinos.

This wonderful slot game has lots of amazing features for its players, such as the free spins feature that boosts your winning chances as it gives you 3125 ways of winning. Plus, the bonus re-spins for each winning re-spin you make on the game.

The amazing symbols of the Reel Rush slot game also have unmatched rewards in store for you. You earn the mouth-watering rewards when three or more symbols rest on your reels like the pineapple, which rewards you up to 1000x your stake.

In addition to that, the Reel Rush slot game also has a favourable return to the player percentage that gives you a winning edge and medium volatility that balances your winning chances and jackpots.

We bring you all you need to know about Reel Rush online gaming slot before joining the wonderful spinning action.

About Reel Rush Slot Game

Reel Rush is a fruit and bonbons-themed game full of sweets with different colours. These boost your entertainment, and the colourful candy is key to catching your attention as they are attractive to your eyes. 

This quirky fruit theme of the Reel Rush slot game is captivating and the thematic creativity used has made the game a success. It has also boosted its popularity in the online gaming industry.

The animations of this amazing slot game are perfect as every detail is carefully designed, leading to a visually flawless product. Moreover, each feature and symbol of the game is well displayed, and its rules are clearly explained.

Reel Rush also has a calming rhythmic sound that is the best fit for your anticipation to win. The sound played during big wins, and free spins reflect excitement which boosts your experience on the slot game.

The slot sites game has outstanding graphics that enable you to see the game’s symbols clearly and features no matter the device you are using, whether the desktop or mobile phone. Reel Rush’s graphics quality is top-notch on every device. 

This is possible because the slot game is NetEnt’s creation, and as an industry leader, it puts in a lot of effort to supply games with the best quality graphics.

How To Play Reel Rush Slot Online

Reel Rush is five reels, five rows with 3125 ways of winning slot sites game.

It’s easy to play no matter your experience because it has simple basics you will learn in no time, and with the wide range of betting options, you are good to go. So if you are new, you can easily learn to play the game quickly.

Your target on this wonderful slot game is to land 3 or more matching symbols on your reels to form a winning combination. Each symbol has its own value, which has to be multiplied by your initial bet when you make a winning combination.

You have first to set your coin value, and you can either increase it or reduce it using the positive or negative button. If you want to earn big wins, you must set a higher coin value within the given range.

Then you can place your desired bet, but it has to be within the minimum and maximum bet limit of the slot game. Remember, the more you bet per spin, the higher your winning amount, and the lower you bet, the smaller is your win.

After placing your ideal bet, you can unlock the spinning action by clicking the spin button, which sets your reels into motion. You wait and see your luck at the end of the spin if you have formed any winning combination to secure a win.

You can also embrace the auto spins feature and have a hands-free game. You set the reels to automatically spin a given number of times. This saves you a lot of time you spend when waiting for the reels to stop, and you manually spin again as the process is continuous with auto-spin.

Reel Rush online gaming slots can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. It is compatible with various devices such as mobile device and tablet device of different versions like Android, iOS, and Windows.

You have to access the casino sites game on a dedicated app provided by your chosen online casino. Or via your chosen browser on your device as long as you have an internet connection.

The experience is great on both the desktop and mobile versions of this wonderful fruit theme slot game.

Interactive Features

Reel Rush has many interesting features that boost your experiences on the slots straightforward gameplay.

Free Spins Feature. This wonderful slot game has a free spins feature, and it awards you with 8 free spins bonuses on the slot game. It gives you a golden chance of 3125 ways of winning on the slot game and can reward you with the highest win on the game of up to 480,000 coins.

Re-Spins Feature. It has a respin feature because you earn a free re-spin every time you get a winning payline. The respins can be retriggered over 5 times, and the ways of winning boost to 1875 from 135 during this feature.

  • 1st re-spin has 135 ways of winning
  • 2nd re-spin has 405 ways of winning
  • 3rd re-spin has 675 ways of winning
  • 4th re-spin has 1,125 ways of winning
  • 5th re-spin has 1,875 ways of winning

Progressive Jackpot

Reel Rush slot game has a fixed jackpot which is worth 480,000 coins. To earn the jackpot offer, you have to bet the maximum amount of 100 Euros.

Then if you land the needed winning combination of symbols on your reels, you earn the maximum win of 4,140 Euros.

Bonus games 

Reel Rush slot game provides free spins bonuses to its players. You earn them on your fifth re-spin, and the free spins bonus feature of this slot game provides you with 3,125 ways of winning. The wild symbol must also appear on reels 5, 4, 2, and 2 to earn the free spins.

Best of all, the game’s free spins are key to more chunky fruit symbols that boost winning combination possibilities.

This wonderful slot game also awards you with a re-spin for every winning re-spin you make. This means that a win on your re-spin has the potential to award you with another re-spin straight away. The re-spin in this bonus feature is allowed up to 5 times.

On the other hand, various online casinos also provide their players with lots of bonus games on the Reel Rush slot game. These are given in their various promotions, such as the welcome bonus offer.

So you have to check out various online casinos and look for those offering free bonus games on Reel Rush.


The high-value fruity symbols on the Reel Rush slot game are pineapples, kiwis, lemon symbols, plums, and grapes. The strawberries are the highest paying symbols and can reward you up to 1000x your stake if they land 5 on your reels.

The strawberries are followed by the pineapples with a reward of up to 500x, lemons 250x, kiwi 200x, grapes 150x, and the plum 150x. This means you should look up to having fruit combinations on your reels to earn the most out of the slot game.

It also has low-value symbols: the gems in different colours of green, yellow, red, orange, and purple. These low-value symbols pay you up to 50x your initial bet.

The reel rush slot game also has a wild symbol that is browny gold with WILD encrypted on it. 

The wild symbol substitutes other delicious symbols to create a winning combination and appear on reel 5, 4, 3, and 2. Well, if you are missing any symbol to form a winning combination on your reels and there’s a wild symbol, it replaces the missing symbol, and you win.

What Symbols Trigger Reel Rush Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Reel Rush online gaming slot’s juicy bonus free spins feature is triggered when you have consistent re-spins 5 times. If you earn more re-spins on each re-spin 5 times than on your fifth time, you trigger the free spins feature.

The handy tracker at the top of the slot game allows you to keep track of your re-spins number by lightening up a golden star for every re-spin you make. 

However, if you don’t win on your re-spins, you are taken back to the base game, and the handy tracker resets back to zero.

The ways of winning also increase with each re-spin feature. You also earn 8 free spins on 5 or more re-spin, where the ways of winning have also accumulated to 3125.

The free spins can’t be retriggered, and there aren’t respins in the free spins feature. Your initial wager also remains in play during re-spins, and free bonus spins and your winnings are awarded based on it.

Paylines And Stakes

The Reel Rush slot game has 5 reels and 3125 paylines.

To win this wonderful slot game, you need to land 3 or more matching symbols on your reels—for example, 3 pineapples, lemons, grapes, among others.

The maximum win on the Reel Rush slot game is 3840x your initial stake, and to win the jackpot offer, you must bet the maximum amount.

The maximum stake for this slot game is £100, and the minimum stake is £0.50. But the more you bet per single spin, the more you earn if you get a winning combination on your reels.

Each symbol on the game also has its own value, which rewards you if it appears three times or more on your reels. The highest paying symbol is the pineapple that rewards you with 1000x your bet, and the lowest paying symbol is the gems in different colours and rewards you with 50x your stake.

Reel Rush slot game has 5 different coin values ranging from 0.01 to 0.20 and ten different bet levels. So you only have to choose the ideal for your game within the given range.

Reel Rush Slot Game Software

This wonderful slot game is powered by NetEnt. NetEnt is among the industry leaders, and it is well known for supplying top-notch games in the online gaming industry.

It supplies many popular games in the industry, such as coins of Egypt, starburst, Guns N’ Roses, among others, and keeps on supplying new games to the industry from time to time.

What Is Brand Slots RTP?

Reel Rush online slot game has a 96.96% return to player percentage, which is above average. 

It an impressive RTP rate for an online slot game because it boosts your winning chances as it gives you a winning edge over that of the casino you are playing from.

The game’s hit frequency is 28.29% which means you earn a win for every 3.5 spins you make.

More Info

The 96.96% return to player percentage of this slot game means you earn 96.96 Euros for every 1 Euro you bet on Reel Rush.

This is a big earning opportunity on the slot game because the more you bet per spin, the more you earn. 

Slot Volatility

Reel Rush online famous gameplay slot has medium volatility. This means your winning chances are neither high nor low but in between, and your jackpots are neither big nor small.

Medium volatility is great because it keeps your winning chances and jackpots balanced, making your game interesting.


Reel Rush is an attention-grabbing slot game with lots of entertainment that makes it a must-play. It has amazing 2D graphics and a classic soundtrack of the 90’s video games, which makes it ideal for anyone interested in the classic slot games. 

It has a wonderful mix of unique elements that combine and create perfection for this favourite slot game. Plus, a non-traditional approach makes it stand out among the other classic slot games in the online gaming industry.

However, Reel Rush online gaming slot has a fixed jackpot that limits your chances of big wins. It also lacks the fast play option that usually enables players to spin fast the reels and quickly play.

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