Reel Rush Slot

Reel Rush is a timeless yet exciting slot machine that will capture your attention from the first spin. The game provides numerous opportunities to win free spins, during which you can earn substantial payouts.

Its entertaining theme and simple rules make it even more enjoyable and accessible to both veterans and newcomers! Reel Rush is among the most famous and wanted slots not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world.

There is, of course, a legitimate rationale for its appeal. The slot machine features numerous opportunities to win big rewards, simple regulations, and an interesting concept. Nonetheless, it is always prudent to arm yourself with pertinent knowledge before wagering real cash on a game. Continue reading to learn more about the Reel Rush slot’s rules and features, RTP, and free spins!

About Reel Rush Slot Game

NetEnt has grown to be among the most recognized and regarded game companies over the years due to its modern aesthetic, innovation, and unique designs. And Reel Rush unquestionably fits into the company’s superb repertoire.

The game shines due to its flawless animation and outstanding graphics. Every aspect of the slot has been meticulously crafted to contribute to an aesthetically perfect end product. Reel Rush’s stylish colours and fun, whimsical aesthetic are absolutely irresistible.

Each symbol and aspect of the game is displayed precisely, as are the regulations are explained succinctly and plainly. The images have been carefully chosen to complement the game’s theme. , when the slot is launched, you may have a brief flashback to iconic computer games and notable animated flicks from the 1990s.

Nonetheless, NetEnt has revived the traditional aesthetic with a modern twist. While we must recognize that the central concept of Reel Rush is not novel, the inventive graphics and animations help us experience it freshly.

The design of the fruit and bonbon symbols is actually quite straightforward but still modern. , it is a fusion of impressionism, pop art, and superb computer graphics. The designers of Reel Rush were fully aware of their task at hand, and their extra efforts are evident.

However, the game features only a few animations. Most of them emerge during the re-spins and free spins rounds, when the blue boxes open and reveal more reels. The ‘Big Win’ notification is another flawless animation that creatively captures the player’s attention. The Reel Rush slot is among NetEnt’s greatest creations, and its popularity is very understandable.

How to Play Reel Rush Slot Online

The Reel Rush slot game is simple to operate and understand.

  • To begin, if you haven’t already, open an account with your preferred online casino.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Reel Rush Slot.”
  • Your deposit balance is displayed when you select the “Options” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • You can select from a variety of coin sizes (ranging from 0.01 to 1) using the “+/-” buttons, allowing you to determine the number of coins to stake every line (from one to five). Up to 100 coins may be contained in a single stake.
  • As soon as you’ve placed your wager, click the “Start” button to begin spinning the reels. Additionally, the Autoplay feature is accessible. This function allows you to keep spinning the reels indefinitely without having to exit the game.

Interactive Features

The interactive component is crucial to the gameplay of the Reel Rush slot machine game, and it includes the following features:

  • Wild symbol: A gold wild symbol may appear everywhere except on reel 1 and will substitute all other characters in a winning combination

Game Symbols

Some symbols on the paytable are high- and low-value, depending on the combination. The game reel includes the following:

  • Plum — £10, £50, and £100 for 3, 4, and 5 on a pay line, respectively
  • Raspberry — £10, £60, and £150 for 3, 4, and 5 on a pay line, respectively
  • Lime — £10, £75, and £200 for 3, 4, and 5 on a pay line, respectively
  • Lemon — £10, £100, and £250 coins for 3, 4, and 5 on a pay line, respectively
  • Pineapple — £10, £150, and £500 coins for 3, 4, and 5 on a pay line, respectively
  • Strawberry — £10, £250, and £1000 coins for 3, 4, and 5 on a pay line, respectively

Bonus Features

Reel Rush is brimming with additional perks. With the Bonus Bet option, you’ll have twice the amount of wagers but more opportunities for more free spins and higher multipliers in the Free Spins round.

  • Free spin feature: There are special rules for free spins and bonus rounds in the game. Although Reel Rush has no bonus rounds, the player can benefit from countless free spins. Every victorious payline earns a player a free re-spin.

A free re-spin is awarded if another winning combination occurs during the re-spin. After 5 times, the 8 Free Spins Round is triggered. Remember that each re-spin raises the number of ways to win from 135 to 1875. The 8 Free Spins Round has 3125 ways to win. It increases the player’s chances of winning big, like the game’s big win of 480,000 coins.

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What Symbol Triggers Reel Rush Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Reel Rush’s Free Spins Round is activated if you have five consecutive wins. The bonus round will begin with 8 free spins, a complete board of candy symbols, and 3,125 possibilities to win.

Paylines and Stakes

This game has no paylines; combining at least three matching symbols on neighbouring reels wins. The number of ways to win increases as cells are unlocked, starting at 45 and increasing to 135 ways, 405, 675, 1,125, 1,875, and all the way up to 3,125 ways to win when all cells are unlocked.

Reel Rush Slot Software

NetEnt was created in 1996 and had its origins in the traditional casino industry, specifically in what was then known as Cherryföretagen. They are one of the most recognizable brands in the online casino industry, with numerous accolades to prove it. It’s simple to find a casino that offers NetEnt games. Take a look at the online slot games that this large game provider makes available to the public.

What is Reel Rush Slot Review RTP?

The RTP can’t be taken as totally true since the game of chance plays a large role in slot machines. Regardless, a larger RTP percentage would translate into a greater chance of winning. The RTP officially stated by Reel Rush is 97.00%. When you play at an online casino, the RTP percentage can differ. Some sites will have an RTP of 96.96%.

Slot Volatility

Reel Rush is a low-to-moderate volatility slot. This implies that the game will frequently create minor victories, but there is still a chance to win big on occasion. To be more explicit, Reel Rush has a strike rate of approximately 28%. This means for every 15 to 20 minutes, you can anticipate landing on a winning payline.

According to our knowledge, we can conclude that Reel Rush is a low-risk game in which you can earn numerous modest payouts and the rare large one. However, bear in mind that luck plays a significant role in online slots and that statistics alone cannot be relied upon.


The Reel Rush slot’s straightforward structure was so popular that it prompted NetEnt to release Reel Rush 2. The original game is also playable. Although the design is simple, it works well with the concept. Likewise, the gameplay is straightforward.

The secret to large wins is to accumulate consecutive wins from re-spins since this will unlock additional opportunities to win and eventually the Free Spins feature. Although the maximum win of 962 times your stake each spin isn’t the highest, you’re better off playing Reel Rush 2, which offers 5,000 times your stake, up to 3,125 ways to win, plus a slew of additional extra features.

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