Red Dragon Festival Sees Rise Of Bin Sun As Chinese Stars Swarm Jeju

This week, PokerStars welcomed 91 entries to Jeju as the Asia Red Dragon Festival offered to play a High Roller event that cost 10 million South Korean Won. Eventually, Bin Sun was the winner as he filled a final table of mostly Chinese players, taking the top prize worth just under $189,500.

Although PokerStars has recently been criticised for leaving a number of big names, including Daniel Negreanu, no one could accuse them of not trying to spread their wings. With China and the Far East generally a huge growing poker market, recent WPT and WSOP forays across the Pacific have plunged their toes into the poker players ‘ lucrative Eastern pool.

Many activities recorded excellent numbers with Jeju in South Korea the host city for the festival, with 13 events taking place throughout the week. In the shape of the combined prize pool, approximately 5 billion Won were up for grabs, with that number equating to around $4.2 million.

Much of that money was in the high rollers and, of course, the Main Event that saw 869 players build a $1.25million prize pool, just over one hundred players helping themselves out of that bounty.

It was Sun’s event in the high roller, but not before a thrilling action-packed final table. Lei Yu was the first to leave the final table with 13 players cashing, going all – in with pocket queens, but seeing bad news as the cards were turned up against pocket kings and couldn’t strike. American player Jamie Lee left in eight places, winning for his efforts $26,402.

Sun Guodong had a great series, reaching two final tables, but the fifth was as far as he was in the high roller, though an improvement on his result in the’ Baby Dragon ‘ event the day before when he finished seventh.

With 10 of the players who hit the money being Chinese–and seven of the final table players–at the end of the event there was a real air of superiority over the country’s representation, with some plucky South Korean players wowing the home rail with their own gestures.

Heads-up saw both players running a bit shallow in chips with the exits of Fei Xiong and Zhiqiang Qian. However, Bin Sun pressed forward and his attacking nature won him the title after just grounding down Yake Wu.

With a very healthy outcome in South Korea and encouraging signs that the next stop of the tour in the Asia-Pacific is in the Philippines to kick off the year’s action in January, the Red Dragon Festival once again highlighted the growth of the Asian poker market and showed everyone that big money can be won in the Far East without the action coming from the cash tables in Macau.

Asia Red Dragon Festival High Roller results:

Place Winner Prize
1st Bin Sun $189,454
2nd Yake Wu $131,655
3rd Zhiqiang Qian $87,056
4th Fei Xiong $68,146
5th Sun Guodong $54,945
6th Nan Hong $42,814
7th Szymon Wysocki $33,895
8th Jamie Lee $26,402
9th Lei Yu $19,980