Real Dealer Studios Outline Latest Stage Of Global Launch

After announcing that it has obtained certification for launch across Sweden, Denmark, and Belgium, Real Dealer Studios has outlined the latest stage of its global attack.

In particular, the company, which aims to produce casino games that combine Hollywood-style cinematography with RNG gaming, established the three regions as prime goals for the latest phase of the strategic expansion of the group.

This green light through the trio of emerging markets has seen the Real Roulette titles of Real Dealer Studios become available for the first time to operators in Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. The games adopt the traditional format of European Roulette, each featuring dealers with their own individual title.

In order to have a consistently flawless player experience from the very first round, Real Dealer’s games are produced from high-quality filmed footage and use experienced actors, film directors and post-production staff.

The motto of the provider is It’s not live. It’s Real,” and its games are set to build a one-on-one feeling between the player and the dealer in a private, luxury casino.

Christoffer Melldén, Real Dealer Studios’ sales manager, said of the receipts for the licence: “We are delighted to have secured certificates for Sweden, Denmark and Belgium, which we have identified as key markets under our international growth plan.

“Our casino games are truly unique, combining cinema and casino in a way that has not been achieved before. We look forward to working with operators in this trio of markets and for their players to experience our titles for the very first time.”