RAiG Releases Specifics Of Membership And Social Responsibility

In an effort to ensure that its members are fully compliant with UK regulatory guidelines, Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAiG) released the specifics of its review of social responsibility, which will form part of the membership requirements of the association.

The audit, which will be repeated on a yearly basis, will focus on improving consumer protection within the gaming industry and facilitate the implementation of good practise measures.

The chairman of RAIG, Clive Hawkswood, commenting on the audit explained: “As with all of RAiG’s work it will evolve over time but setting up the audit process and getting it piloted by our founding members marks a huge step forward.

“I very much see it as a benefit of membership rather than something that members or prospective members should be concerned about. As transparency has become something of a watch word for RAiG it was also important that we put this paper into the public arena.

“We now feel much more comfortable about encouraging other affiliates to join RAiG simply because we can be open about what is required. With the pilot successfully completed and with the audit arrangements now in place, we can concentrate on improving standards within the affiliate sector so that it plays its part, and is seen as doing so, in creating a safer gambling environment for consumers.

“Against this background, we are now actively encouraging other affiliates to apply for membership and expect to make further announcements on that front very shortly.”

RAiG confirmed that all its members will be required to participate in the audit and correct any problems as part of its membership, with an annual audit taking place.

Sarah Ramanauskas, Gambling Integrity Senior Partner, who conducted the audits, said: “The companies involved could not have been more cooperative or committed to the process, and I am pleased that they all passed.

“We look forward to working with RAiG in the future, in the belief that the annual social responsibility audits will not only provide assurances about compliance, but also provide a platform for sharing best practice and enhancing standards of consumer protection.”

The published audit details include the audit purpose; frequency; cost; framework; practical arrangements; report of the auditor; and review process.

In support of the audit, the RAiG outlined a number of other key areas it will consider rolling out in the future, including limiting marketing material to customers vulnerable to gambling harm; training of staff; providing safer information on gambling; improving coordination with gambling operators and transparency of affiliate-operated relationships.

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