Purple Hot Slot

Purple Hot Slot is another great game by Playtech, modelled after the popular one-armed bandits found in 1980s arcades. The game has a strong retro flavour with brilliantly coloured fruits spinning on the reels.

Increase the fervour with Casino Technology’s fruit machine-themed slot machine game. While this is a straightforward game with only five paylines, the scatter symbol, double-up function, and progressive jackpot provide good potential for a hefty win. To discover more about this game, read our in-depth review.

About Purple Hot Slot Game

While fruit symbols play a big role in Purple Hot, the overall concept is anchored by the dark purple background surrounding the paytable. The emphasis on fruit salad is not immediately apparent from the game’s title, but it is plainly clear from the paytable. When you press the “spin” button, the same melody will repeatedly.

Besides the lucky 7, the board’s symbols are all fruits. Five of these can be spun together to win up to £5,000. The lucky 7 has the potential to trigger the progressive jackpot, which makes it extremely lucky.

Despite the lack of frills in the gameplay, the retro tone of the game ensures continued enjoyment. The scatter symbol is a bunch of bananas, which can award up to £50 when five appear on the reels simultaneously.

Purple Hot is a slot machine game that may be played on a tablet, smartphone, or PC. There will be no difference whether you enjoy the slot machine’s fantastic gameplay on any device. As a result, you can play Purple Hot while you’re on the move or in the comfort of your home.

How To Play Purple Hot Slot Online

Purple Hot is a slot machine that is unlike any other in that it is straightforward to play.

  • Open an account with your preferred online casino.
  • Search for “Purple Hot” in the search field and then click to play in the slot games section.
  • Select “Banking” to display your current balance.
  • Players can alter the number of coins staked on each line by pressing the “+/-” button and picking a coin size. A bet of up to 100 coins is allowed.
  • After you’ve set your bet, click the “Start” button to begin spinning the reels. There is also an Autoplay option. You don’t have to manually stop the reels when you win a prize if you choose autoplay.

Interactive Features

Purple Hot is a fantastic slot machine with amazing symbols and features like scatter autoplay and more. Let’s take a look.

  • Scatter: The Scatter is the Banana. It’s worth keeping an eye out for, as it has the potential to bring in big money. The symbol can appear anywhere on the reels because it is not tied to a specific payline. At least 3 Scatter symbols are required for a multiplier to apply to any winnings you may have accrued. The outcome will then be added to any previous winnings you’ve had on that payline.
  • Wild Symbol: Although Purple Hot is a fast-paced slot, the game supplier – Playtech – has evidently chosen to keep the game more traditional. This is most likely why the developer chose not to incorporate Wild Symbols on any reels. This, however, simplifies the process of identifying a winning combination.
  • Autoplay Feature: AutoPlay can be programmed to run for up to 100 spins at a time, with several parameters for when the run should terminate. When they reach a feature, they can commence an infinite run that will terminate when the feature is reached.

Game Symbols      

High and low-value symbols are both available on the paytable. A few instances of how the symbols appear are shown in the following list:

  • Apple – £500, £200, £50 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Lemon – £200, £50, £20 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Watermelon – £200, £50, £20 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Cherry – £200, £50, £20 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Orange – £500, £200, £50 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Plums – £200, £50, £20 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively

Bonus Features

This slot machine features a few bonus features, earning you a fortune. They include the following:

  • Progressive Jackpot: The progressive jackpot, produced by the pooled amounts of all the casinos that offer the Purple Hot game, is another chance for big profitability. You might win a large prize by playing this simple game. If you’d like to win, you’ll need the correct strategy in place. Play on as many slots as possible and bet the highest coin values to maximise your winnings. For each of the four-coin sizes, there is a progressive pot. Even if you lose your connection during the game, the prize amount will remain the same. As a result, when you return to the game, you will be able to finish the current round without having to make a new wager.
  • Double Feature: The Double feature is another way to boost your chances of winning. If your last spin is successful, you’ll aim to double your winnings. You can choose to wager all of your winnings or just a portion of them. To avoid the Double feature, you have to click on the Collect button and add your last spin win to your balance. Then you’ll go back to the original version of the game. Remember that the Double option isn’t available in Auto Play mode.

What Symbol Triggers Purple Hot Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There’s no feature for free spins in this slot game.

Paylines and Stakes

The Purple Hot slot machine’s gameplay couldn’t be simpler. To establish the amount of your wager, you must first decide on the slot’s appearance on your screen. Paylines (1-5) and line bets (1-5) are available (various options ranging from 0.01 to 5.00). Each spin can have a bet of anything between £0.01 and £25,000 on it.

Purple Hot Slot Software

Playtech is the world’s largest publicly traded online casino software developer. In response to a rapidly growing need for cutting-edge gaming solutions, the firm was created in 1999.  Some of the industry’s most graphically and gameplay-intensive titles are among Playtech’s approximately 250 products.

The games are fully available for download as well as in flash format. The user can change the game’s speed, sound effects, and screen size. Moreover, all of Playtech’s products can be integrated smoothly into a cross-platform solution, allowing gamers to play on their favourite platforms with a single login.

The slot machines are excellent in terms of both game variety and quality. Playtech’s product line includes traditional slot machines, video slot machines, and a wide range of progressive jackpot games. Several of their games are as follows:

What is Purple Hot RTP?

Purple Hot has a 94.33% return to players.

Slot Volatility

Purple Hot has medium volatility, meaning bigger winnings are possible, but you’ll have to wait a long time between them.


This slot machine features a simple fruit machine theme and primitive graphics, gameplay, and digital music, all of which contribute to its authentically antiquated feel. While players who appreciate the classic aesthetic may enjoy spinning the fruits on the reels, others may find it outmoded, making it a matter of personal opinion. While the game itself is quite stable, the prospect of winning the progressive jackpot adds an intriguing dimension.

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