Puntt First Esports Player Wagering Site Launching Betting Pools

New esports wagering incumbent Puntt will launch this February, aiming to become the first platform to deliver market performance for sports betting players.

The start-up is founded by RPGG Media’s five-man Liverpool-based development studio, a team that seeks to deliver effective B2C and B2B vertical wagering components for esports.

Backing Puntt’s mission statement, RPGG Media is led by former racing executive Phil Adams and his team of pool betting experts who believe that optimising legacy betting components that focus on individual players rather than teams is key to engaging sports audiences with betting markets.

Merging old and new trends, Puntt is expected to become the first sports wagering company to launch player-focused betting pool markets on first-person shooter CS: GO, which will be followed shortly by Dota2 pools in addition to other major sports titles planned for.

Preparing for the February debut at Puntt, Adams said: “Puntt’s player betting offering is unique in the esports betting industry. These are tricky markets to price and can leave operators with large liabilities in a market where the customer is often better informed.”

RPGG Media believes in its mandate that components of pool betting can overcome challenges of the esports market and player engagement that have frustrated incumbents of sportsbooks to date.

Strengthening the inventories of sports, Puntt would allow bookmakers to offer ‘bets on player performance’ by launching markets on individual achievements such as most kills–in-play variables that incumbents find difficult to price.

“Our solution gives customers an exciting and fair product,” added Adams. “We are launching with CS:GO initially with other leading games to follow in the future.”

In 2020, esports wagering was put at the forefront of the industry’s agenda as leadership aims to expand the market for sports betting and brand appeals.

The ICE London 2020 conference next week will feature a $250,000 CS:GO tournament created by DATA.BET in collaboration with GG.BET, an esports wagering solutions provider.

More advances in gaming have seen London-based esports bookmaker Midnite reveal this January that it has raised $2.4 million in venture capital backed by Betfair and GVC Holdings executives. The stakes are high if 2020 is to become the year of wagering the mainstream market in which sports are.


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