Puntt Enters eSports Licencing Arrangement With Aquarius AI

RPGG Media, Puntt’s operating company, has confirmed it has entered into a licencing arrangement with Aquarius AI Inc., an esports software publisher.

The collaboration will offer exclusive rights to run the Puntt esports wagering platform for Canada to Aquarius AI, based in Vancouver.

Launched at the beginning of the year, the Puntt platform fused conventional pool betting dynamics with new esports match play, and player performance-focused tournament attributes.

The planned licencing agreement will enable Aquarius AI to serve tote pool betting markets on sporting events, opening Canadian consumers with a brand new range of wagering markets.

Puntt chief executive Phill Adams said: “RPGG Media is driven by a desire to offer esports fans a safe, fair and well-regulated platform to wager on the tournaments they love. We are delighted to be working with Aquarius to bring our platform to many more in the esports community. Aquarius’ online marketing experience will help us grow our audience and increase customer choice in a market that is currently dominated by bookmakers.”

Canadian gambling laws actually only allow for parlay and pool bets on single sporting events, thereby restricting the scope of wagering markets.

Aquarius pointed out that the Puntt platform would bring crucial new commitments to the restricted Canadian sports betting industry , allowing customers to wager on CS:GO tournaments and other professional sports content that RPGG Media would add.

Aquarius chief executive Graham Martin said: “We are delighted to join with Phill and his team, with our technology and Puntt’s unique Esport betting platform, this rapidly expanding new marketplace of entertainment, will be very exciting.”