Puerto Rico Welcomes Horse Racing Return With A Million Bets

This weekend Puerto Rico welcomed the return of horse racing, nearly three months after the pandemic shut down the sport. As reported by the Puerto Rico Horse Reform Committee, on Friday 419,576 direct bets were recorded whereas on Saturday 436,948 were recorded.

Eduardo Maldonado, executive director of the Committee said: “We want to thank the horse racing fans for this robust start in Puerto Rico.

“We know that thousands of Puerto Ricans who weren’t used to placing bets on this sport have decided to do it and are excited to have some type of sports activity to look forward to. We appreciate you, you’ve made a big difference.”

Legislation on the island establishes that bets can be placed on other authorised racetracks via the Simulcast platform. The net result from the weekend betting resulted in horse racing on Friday raising more than $21,000, and on Saturday raising $26,000.

“This has been achieved thanks to the hard work of all the members of the industry, riders, trainers, stable personnel, owners, breeders and equestrian agencies.

“On Friday, 333 agencies opened their doors to the public to place bets. On Saturday, we registered 344 more. This is great news, not only for the industry, but also for the sports fan in general,” added Maldonado.

Puerto Rico is actively searching for new revenue streams, and as part of that effort, the Gaming Commission recently appointed Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) to consult on the island’s regulation of sport operations.

Esports could bring around $87 m of income to the Puerto Rican government in the first five years of operations, according to government estimates.