Maxima Compliance Expands With New North Wales Office

Maxima Compliance, the full-service compliance agency, has now accelerated its rapid expansion by opening a brand new office in Conwy, North Wales.

Having been set up as a response to the growing demand from consumers for Maxima’s products, most of the demand came from the area of technological enforcement.

The facility provides space for up to 10 staff and has now been announced as the first regional office of the organisation with London-based headquarters.

The new residence will be used to offer their “market-leading” services to the leading suppliers of the gaming industry for the professional enforcement programme.

Antonio Zanghi, Maxima Compliance’s founder and managing director, commented: “With demand for technical compliance services rapidly increasing and our team similarly expanding, it was time for us to open a second office.

“North Wales is a centre of global excellence within technical compliance, so it is the perfect location for Maxima. With several new employees joining our team in both London and North Wales, we are perfectly positioned to offer the very best technical compliance service in the online gaming industry.”

The Maxima Compliance department has “unparalleled” experience in working with leading manufacturers, with clients going through all professional compliance processes.

Maxima is proud to provide their clients with lightening-fast-go-live times by effective and efficient project management through their multiple jurisdictions.

As the compliance company boosted its senior team with two new appointments, the expansion of the Maxima team made a huge move back in March.