2019 Poker Masters Event #1 Title Goes To Issac Baron

Poker Masters 2019 is in full swing, taking place at PokerGO Studio, just outside the Las Vegas ARIA Casino, from 4 November to 14 November. Event #1 has already ended which had 97 players registering for the event. For the final table, the field would be narrowed to eight and finally, for the first-place victory, it would be Isaac Baron and Chance Kornuth. Finally, it was Baron who won the title, winning in the end just over $220,000.

Final Table: just eight teams remained after the field was narrowed down to the final table. PokerGO broadcast the final table and as the shorter stacks began doubling up in chips, viewers quickly saw eliminations left and right.

Thai Ha, accompanied by Dan Shak and Scott Blumstein, was the first to be eliminated. Next, Sam Soverel would be dropped. After positioning his pocket 8s against the pocket aces of Baron. Jeremy Ausmus was in fourth place.

Baron will continue the trend and kill third-place Ralph Wong in the poker tournament to start heads up with Kornuth.

Due to the massive size of Baron’s chip stack, the heads-up round would last for just one hand. He moved all-in with five-three of clubs and called Kornuth, keeping ace-nine. Barn finds a three to win the game, removing Kornuth in second place, claiming victory for the Poker Masters series.

With more events going on outside the Aria, the Poker Masters begins.

Final results of the table:

Place Player Prize
First Isaac Baron $223,100
Second Chance Kornuth $164,900
Third Ralph Wong $116,400
Fourth Jeremy Ausmus $97,000
Fifth Sam Soverel $77,600
Sixth Scott Blumstein $58,200
Seventh Dan Shak $48,500
Eighth Thai Ha $38,800