Pro Football Doc Closes One Million Dollar Seed Round Financing

Pro Football Doc, a subscription service that offers injury assessments to bettors and fantasy players, has announced the closure of $1 m in seed round funding. To recognise the achievement, the “Pro Football Doc” platform headed by Dr David Chao AKA will provide full access to the web free of charge for the entire 2020 NFL season.

Chao worked for 17 years as the head team physician for the San Diego Chargers. The Harvard-educated doctor began tweeting his thoughts on real-time incidents as they took place during NFL games after leaving the Chargers. His accuracy in diagnosing and analysing player injuries led him in sports radio and television circles to become a regular.

“I started this whole endeavour with a single tweet,” said Chao. “To see this grow to what it is today is humbling. With this new round of investment, we can provide real-time injury analysis to a larger audience without charging for the service. Also, our new partnerships offer wider exposure to core football fans. We think this is going to be a great season – definitely one of growth.”

Pro Football Doc has also secured strategic alliance agreements with a range of major players in the NFL fantasy and wagering industry, such as FanDuel, Outkick the Coverage, Sports Grid, Fade The Noise and Fantasy Pros, in addition to raising considerable funds.

These collaborations, the company said, would encourage hundreds of thousands of football gamblers and fantasy players to reveal their unique insights and dramatically increase the exposure of the PFD.

“If you are doing any type of betting, you need Doc’s insights,” said Clay Travis, CEO at Outkick the Coverage. “Doc’s real-time injury calls have been unbelievably accurate, which is a huge advantage to any gambler. We are thrilled to have the partnership with Pro Football Doc. The Outkick audience now has access to pre-game insights that will help with betting and fantasy play alike.”

Pro Football Doc not only detects and diagnoses player injuries, but also examines what the injury will potentially mean for individual player numbers and team performance as a whole, as opposed to other news feeds the merely cover NFL injury news.

48 hours prior to game time , the company ‘s patented Injury Index, which assigns letter grades to the relative health of each squad, is distributed. Moreover, all NFL games are tracked by the Pro Football Doc unit, which detects injuries as they occur, resulting in real-time player updates.

Injury assessments are instantly available to subscribers, allowing bettors to act prior to point spread shifts. Videos reviewing the latest injury reports are also posted on the website: inactive pre-game teams, half-time updates, post-game wraps, and news as it happens.