Polish Bookmaker STS Forms Partnership With RTSmunity

Polish bookmaker STS has established a new partnership with RTSmunity, an esport data company, to further strengthen its presence in the betting sector.

Having been the first bookmaker to sponsor an individual player, STS was at the forefront of mixing traditional sportsbook standards with esports. The partnership with RTSmunity will continue the growing reputation of the company in the industry, providing more data and analytics through a range of sport titles such as Dota, CS: GO and League of Legends.

Celebrating the new partnership, STS CEO Mateusz Juroszek underlined: “Seeing the rise of esports, not only in Poland, but worldwide, it feels only natural to increase our presence in this field. That’s why we have teamed up with guys from RTSmunity.

“This partnership allows us to have a wide offer of markets, covering all major esports events like Dreamhack, or Intel Extreme Masters. The complex range of markets, tournaments coverage, and uptime of 95% are the crucial things we are looking for. We are convinced esports have got a lot of potential, and together with RTSmunity, we will be a dominant part of that.”

STS has continued to capitalise on the growing popularity of sports, increasing its revenues by more than 10 times over the past few years from £ 59 m to £ 630 m, with growth attributable to an expansion in its competitive gaming division.

Pavol Krasnovský the CEO of RTSmunity added:

“Just as we consider RTSmunity to be the leader in esports odds-providing, we consider STS to be the leader in the European betting market. That’s why we chose to launch this partnership and bring a full coverage of esports titles and tournaments to customers.

“Esports as a business is a very dynamic area, and the same goes for our company. Our mathematicians and developers are constantly working on new ways of analysing esports titles, so that we can keep increasing our offer and coverage of events and game aspects. The viewer base of esports and investments in this field are only a glimpse of what esports will become in five or ten years.”

Despite operating primarily within its domestic Polish market, STS expanded its business in February of last year across a number of other European markets, with ‘ plans for further international expansion ‘ to come.