Police Thwart Roulette Scam at Holland Casino Venlo

Police in the Dutch city of Venlo detained four men at Holland Casino earlier this week after they were spotted by security workers at the gaming venue trying to manipulate an electronic roulette machine’s outcome.

Police said all the roulette scammers arrested were from Georgia and were persons of interest in connection to similar crimes that Interpol is currently investigating. It was suspected that the detained individuals were targeting other casinos in the Netherlands and other European countries.

The four scammers, as mentioned above, targeted the electronic roulette machines of Holland Casino. Police officers said that by first smashing the lid of a betting system and then taking the glass off the roulette machine, they made their scam.

He then made sure the ball landed in the right box to score a win for the machine. Police said they confiscated a large sum of money from the four suspects as well as a number of vouchers they had received via their illicit scheme that had yet to be redeemed.

Over the course of an investigation into the actions of the four detained persons, police officers learned that they might have been operating in other Netherlands casino locations. Other European casinos are also suspected to have been targeted and scammed.

Commenting on the case, Venlo police said in a statement that “the crooks bet at the wrong casino and outbid themselves.” The statement went on that “house has won, and to speak in Monopoly terms, the crooks have drawn the ‘Go Directly to Jail’ card.”

The four people arrested have also drawn the attention of officials in other European countries. Dutch police said they collaborated with colleagues in other countries where the perpetrators may have attacked casinos.

Police officers from the Netherlands have cooperated with Interpol as part of a broader effort to combat mobile banditry–the term used for cross-border international crime groups. In the case of the recently captured band of four Georgians, these parties are often associated with burglaries, robbery, pick-pocketing, fraud, and casino scams.

Commenting on the recent incident, a Holland Casino spokesman said they never had this kind of scam. Nevertheless, there is no need for the gambling venue in Venlo to take any specific action, “because our employees have thwarted the criminals’ attempt” to defraud the casino.

The statement by the spokesman went on to say that “Holland Casino has state-of-the-art techniques to detect fraud” and that they are continuously working to improve their tools and procedures to detect all forms of fraud.

Earlier this year, police arrested a dealer working at the local casino in the Cypriot city of Limassol on suspicion that he had played with the roulette wheel to assist a patron cheat the € 5,800 gambling venue. CCTV captured the theft.