PokerStars And Furia Link-Up For Poker And eSports Fusion

PokerStars and Furia, a Brazilian esports company, have announced a partnership that both sides say has the ambition to create a fusion of poker and esports.

The partnership is said to be brought to life through both brands and will deliver “unique entertainment opportunities and content” to the poker and esports groups.

PokerStars Associate Director of Public Relations Rebecca McAdam Willetts commented: “The team at Furia work very hard, lead by example, and are always looking to improve and evolve.

“This approach, as well as their general ethos, sits extremely well with what we aim for at PokerStars. It will be exciting for us to see what we can bring our community and how we can engage new audiences by working together with such a passionate team.”

A new poker streaming team will also be announced by PokerStars and Furia, with André Akkari and Lali Tournier leading the pack. Furua ‘s CEO is Akkari, an ongoing PokerStars ambassador, while Tournier is acclaimed as “a top Latin American female poker professional with live poker cashes in major  tournaments across the globe.”

Furia is said to be enthusiastically expanding its focus, with poker listed as the first stop, following its success with Counter-Strike : Global Offensive.

“Poker plays a natural part in Furia’s DNA. It’s all about making optimal decisions in the moment for long-term results. The partnership is a natural step for expansion as we look to move beyond esports,” Akkari added.

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