PokerMatch Climbs To Fourth Position In PokerScout Ratings

PokerMatch, hailed as Eastern Europe’s largest poker room, has climbed to fourth position in PokerScout’s “Worldwide Online Poker Sites Traffic Report.”

The Ukrainian site had a seven-day total of 3,300 players as of this morning, trailing only PokerStars (7,200), IDNPoker (5,400), and GGPoker (5,400). The peak number of players in a 24-hour span was 9,070, second only to PokerStars’ 11,950.

‘Innovations give advantages’

According to PokerMatch, this top-four ranking on the prestigious PokerScout rating is further evidence that “innovations give advantages” in today’s intensely competitive setting. PokerMatch’s marketing has always been motivated by the needs of the participants, according to the company.

The company’s breakthrough was also due to direct contact with the viewer and swift reactions. PokerMatch recently released the special Miner’s Jackpot cash tables, which are played in an auto-all-in format.

Players will win huge prizes, as well as extra gifts, by winning the poor beat jackpot, which has a minimum limit of 0.01 UAH (0.000036 USD).

PokerMatch’s approach to picking these prizes, such as free spins in PokerMatch Casino slot titles, deserves special recognition. According to the firm, the excitement in this as a hybrid prize dispels the misconception that poker and slot viewers don’t mix.

PokerMatch traffic almost tripled

The new tables became an immediate success, with over 7,000 people playing at the same time. As a result of the campaign, overall traffic on PokerMatch nearly tripled, according to the company.

Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International said: “Ukraine is not a rich country and people here don’t have high incomes. The Miner’s Jackpot tables are a thank-you to our loyal audience who can’t afford to play at expensive stakes at the moment.”

In these hard times, he reiterated his conviction that poker should not be limited to one spot, adding: “At PokerMatch, we’re constantly trying to invent something new and attract attention. We believe that our company is an industry leader in this area.”