Pokerist KamaGames Flagship Achieves 10 Year Milestone

Flagship game Pokerist from KamaGames has achieved a milestone by marking ten years since the initial launch of the game.

The app, which will celebrate its official anniversary on June 26, has attracted over 140 million users and has entered a range of worldwide markets. Pokerist plays host to many top-quality games, including roulette , blackjack, Omaha poker, craps, and slots.

KamaGames CEO Andrey Kuznetsov has written on the tenth anniversary of Pokerist: “We’ve come a long way over the past ten years and I want to express how thankful I am to the players who have taken that journey alongside us.

“Over the years we’ve become increasingly receptive to player feedback and introduced new features as a direct result of player needs. This is just one ingredient in the success of Pokerist. That said, we have much more to offer and given another ten years, our team is confident that we can make Pokerist the number one poker app worldwide.”

KamaGames praised the Party Modes, Multi-Table Tournaments, Boost Tournaments and Bad Beat Jackpot features of the game that helped players of all levels and abilities enter the party.

KamaGames has also improved socialisation capabilities on the platform over the past decade by adding instant messaging apps, chat features, and tables gifts.

Since then, the app has been made available via many common channels including the Apple App Store , Google Play, the Amazon App Store and the PlayStation Store, and was also the first social poker app to be released on Apple TV and Facebook Instant Games.