PointsBet Unveil ‘Personal Good Karma Refund’ For ‘Bad Beats’

A new campaign badged as the PointsBet Personal Good Karma Refund has been unveiled by multinational sportsbook operator PointsBet. The offer is the “first of its kind” in the booming US sports betting industry, according to the company.

Primarily driven by the patented, in-house technology and customer service systems of the company, the initiative allows consumers to determine which “bad beat” at the end of each month they want refunded.

Shortly after launching in January 2019 in New Jersey, PointsBet formed the “Karma Kommittee” in the Rams-Saints NFC Championship to reimburse customers on the wrong side of the infamous blown pass interference call.

Since then in the aftermath of unlikely circumstances that affect the outcome of a game, the company has continued to give Good Karma Refunds and has also launched a collection of well-received, bettor-first measures like Early Payouts, as seen during the last NFL season when bettors from Lamar Jackson MVP received their PointsBet winnings with six weeks left to play.

The PointsBet Karma Kommitee has now taken the next step in implementing Personal Good Karma Refunds by giving new clients the power to determine which bad beat hurts the most. New clients who have made 10 or more cash bets in a given month will be eligible for eligibility.

Johnny Aitken, PointsBet USA CEO explained:

“PointsBet’s mission has and always will be to provide our clients with the ultimate sports betting experience, and part of that is to continuously practice what we preach in terms of being the true bettor-friendly sportsbook.

“We are excited to take the next step in that mission today in unveiling Personal Good Karma Refunds. At PointsBet, we understand that every bad beat is not created equal – some may sting specific clients a bit more than others, should it involve a team they support or an instance where they feel particularly wronged – so as a result, we are excited to put the power back into the hands of our clients and let them decide which bad beat needs to be corrected.”