Plaza Casino Reveals Plans As Part Of Downtown Las Vegas Revival

Las Vegas, aiming to breath life into what was once the heart of the city, has been working on a revitalization plan targeting the Downtown Vegas area.

Downtown Las Vegas was full of excitement as the desert gaming mecca started to unfold in the modest beginnings of the city, with no shortage of thrill-seekers hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the many gangsters who allegedly sponsored the up-and-coming casinos.

Since then, things have dropped off but Vegas is sure it can breathe new life into the city. It just got another boost, as the Plaza Hotel and Casino revealed that as soon as it can get a few buses out of the way, it would grow into the construction of a new entertainment venue.

There’s an old Greyhound bus terminal right next to the Plaza, situated on Main Street. Sometime during mid-2021, the last buses are expected to roll out of the parking lot, after which the casino resort will take over the property and transform the 48,500-square-foot terminal into a multipurpose area that provides outlets for entertainment, dining and retail.

In a Tuesday tweet, Jonathan Jossel, CEO of the Plaza, called the upcoming development “arguably one of the most important in decades.”

The Plaza has a tradition of transforming services for public transport into attractions. Its main location, which opened in 1971, was built on the site of a former Union Pacific train depot, with the tracks still visible behind the venue in the same location. An extra feature of historical significance will be added to the resort’s setting by the Greyhound terminal-turned-entertainment property.

It is not clear how long it will take for the Plaza to complete the property’s renovation or how much it expects to invest, but it’s just one of the changes that it helps to bring to Downtown Vegas.

The casino has also agreed to partner with the city to build a four-block pedestrian walkway linking the resort with a new bridge over the Union Pacific railroad tracks. This bridge will be funded by Las Vegas and is planned to offer visitors access to Symphony Park’s residential and commercial development.

Not only will the expansion help revitalise the Downtown area, it will also provide additional facilities to the Plaza that will allow it to be more appealing as competition in the area increases. The Circa has just opened and offers Vegas visitors an array of attractions. There are six restaurants, five pubs, six swimming pools and a mammoth sportsbook with a video screen that every guy wishes he could place in his man’s cave, in addition to the casino.