Playtech Incorporates TruNarrative’s Affordability UK Into IMS Platform

After incorporating Affordability UK into its Information Management Systems (IMS) platform, Playtech will continue to assist operators in meeting regulatory requirements.

Affordability UK is offered by TruNarrative eKYC and fraud detection specialists, expanding the collaboration of the business with Playtech to provide a variety of onboarding and verification services for players.

Playtech Chief Compliance Officer Ian Ince said: “As regulatory requirements around the sustainability and affordability of gambling become ever-more stringent, we want to ensure we can empower operators to meet these requirements and protect their players.

“TruNarrative’s specialist safer gambling services have quickly made them a core partner for Playtech – and now, with Affordability UK, we can offer a sophisticated, market-leading solution, backed by some of the most comprehensive data available. Backed by IMS integration, it can deliver a seamless experience for operators.”

Playtech will be able to recognise clients who may demonstrate ‘unsustainable’ gambling habits by adding Affordability UK.

The combination of the insight of Affordability UK and the TruNarrative platform’s capabilities will allow operators to:

  • Write bespoke rules and build thresholds around a player’s affordability data, transactions and behaviour;
  • Automate decisions and perform manual investigations based on real-time data;
  • Use a single interface and customer picture to track player spending behaviour across multiple brands.

European regulatory developments have seen affordability and source of funds verification become a major compliance discipline for regulatory bodies. In the initial reform of the 2005 Gambling Act, the UKGC stated that deeper affordability requirements would be prioritised.

At TruNarrative, John Lord, CEO, added: “Since partnering with Playtech earlier this year, we’ve been able to bring a vast array of specialist services to their customers, and we’re delighted to be adding Affordability UK to that list.

“Affordability UK offers unique insight into a player’s ability to afford their bets, as well minimising the requirement for physical payslips and document submissions, creating a low-friction experience. We’re confident it will become a vital part of any operator’s toolset in their drive to meet and exceed UKGC expectations around safer gambling.”

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