Play’n GO’s Latest Production Madame Ink Hits The Market

Play’n GO ‘s latest production hit the market yesterday, with Madame Ink’s artistic new 5-reel slot slot.

Madame Ink adds a mystical quality to a medium of art that means so much to so many people across various nations and cultures, with artwork directly influenced by real tattoo designs.

The importance and significance of tattoos make it a trend that directly feeds into the way Play’n GO approaches the design of their game.

The slot provider has made no secret that while various games which resonate more strongly with certain audiences, all types of players will still be attracted by the design and gameplay. In this case, in every corner of the globe worldwide, body art has significance and sense.

A more mythical aspect has also been introduced to their slot by Play’n GO; it focuses on the mysticism surrounding tattoos, as well as the slot ‘s general theme and artwork.

The concept behind it was spoken about by CPO Martin Zettergren: “It’s always important to approach a theme from a new angle, to move ahead of the competition and create a more distinctive experience for operators and their players.

The artwork and the design, are just one element of the game for players to enjoy, then you have the narrative of Madame Ink and her magical powers, which gives a whole other aspect as well.”