Pivotal Year For UK Online Bingo According To WhichBingo

Citing the 2019 WhichBingo survey, the final year of the decade was considered to be a decisive one for UK’s best online bingo sites, with several sites springing into oblivion during the boom-years.

The number of live sites in the United Kingdom fell from 395 to 264, with just 17 new sites being opened in 131 closures.

Although fewer than 20 new standalone bingo sites launched in 2019, a increasing number of casino sites have begun to realise the advantages of diversifying and adding online bingo to their platforms over the past 12 months.

Nektan followed the bingo model of Pragmatic Play, and offered for a fee to its white label brands. However with the word ‘ bingo’ in its name (Flip Flop Bingo) only one new brand launched.

The study shows players invest less than they did in 2018, the amount of players who deposited more than £ 50 a month fell from 45 percent to 27 percent. In addition, online bingo games were considered to be the most common for players, with second-place slot games.

Online bingo has long been dominated by women in recent years, with the gender split of 78% female and 21% male, with 80% of those surveyed falling between the ages of 35 and 64.

Player preferences remain mobile with the market dominant platform rising from 27 percent to 36.5 percent. The use of tablets continues to rise from six to ten per cent, while both the laptop and the desktop are said to be in decline.

Given the promising figures, the study shows that a third of the players prefer not to stick solely to one specific form, preferring to play online bingo between various devices.

Safe play services continued to be introduced in online gaming sites with no exception to online bingo. The WhichBingo study initially surveyed players using different safe play options.

Setting a deposit limit seemed to be the most common responsible gambling tool used by players whose use of this feature was over 70 percent. Furthermore, by either using a cooling off period or temporary self-exclusion, 40% of players admitted that they had temporarily prevented themselves from accessing favourite sites.

Seven per cent admitted that they would permanently exclude themselves with less than two percent seeking help from GamCare or other gambling support organisations.

The WhichBingo study says it expects to see the introduction of new bingo apps in 2020 as it notes that market interest is increasing again.

XLMedia group CEO Stuart Simms commented: “The emphasis placed on producing quality content and providing value for our users has been at the core of WhichBingo’s success in 2019. In 2020, we will be doubling-down on the approach, as well as activity harnessing AI and machine learning to further personalise the WhichBingo experience.

“The incorporation of the latest technology combined with a renewed dedication to providing quality content will be crucial for our operations and ensuring we continue to be the leading performance publishing group. We send our congratulations to UK market leader Tombola for retaining their title as Britain’s Biggest Bingo Site.

“We will continue to watch other major brands with interest as they evolve to create the best user experience possible. As we head into 2020, we are confident that the success and popularity of online bingo will continue to grow.”