Pinnacle Announce DeckPrism Sports Partnership

This week, online bookmaker Pinnacle announced a partnership with DeckPrism Sports, a provider of in-play odds. Pinnacle will be able to use the latter’s patented models to improve its in-play betting experience.

DeckPrism Sports’ technologies and modelling capabilities will be used by the promoter, which will be paired with Pinnacle’s insight and risk control platform to provide consumers with “an unrivalled in-play betting product.”

According to the bookmaker, in-play betting adoption has outpaced other businesses’ willingness to create advanced in-play offerings, resulting in some companies overusing delays and bet denial tools, resulting in consumer frustration.

Prioritising the consumer

DeckPrism has developed technology that aims to improve this, while Pinnacle claims to be following up with its pledge to remove these friction points and prioritise the consumer.

Pinnacle’s Trading Director, Marco Blume, said: “Everyone knows that in-play betting is where the action is nowadays. It’s great for the customer, but it presents a unique challenge to a bookmaker. Pinnacle thrives on this, and we have proven time and again that we will take on these challenges in order to give bettors what they want. There are so many moving parts to in-play coverage and so much more experience and technology required to get things right compared to pre-game.

“We’ve partnered with DeckPrism Sports because they are head and shoulders above others in this field. Through this collaboration, we’re setting the gold standard for the industry to follow. We had a great product before, but now our pricing will be even faster, as we continue to improve the in-play experience for our customers.”

Seamless in-play betting experience

DeckPrism Sports Co-Founder and Chief Architect Ed Miller said: “Pinnacle is one of the top names in sports betting across the globe and we are thrilled to be able to work with them to ensure their customers enjoy a more seamless in-play betting experience. This is an exciting partnership for both parties and it is a testament to the quality of our product that we can help improve the great work Pinnacle is already doing. 

“DeckPrism’s advanced technology and models have proven itself to benefit companies like Pinnacle by capturing more in-game action, but it’s also about creating a fairer and more reliable product. We’re looking forward to improving the experience for Pinnacle customers, while also helping the company secure more revenue and achieve greater brand allegiance.”

Pinnacle Solution, Pinnacle’s B2B arm, is in charge of risk management. DeckPrism Sports claims that incorporating its advanced modelling expertise into the equation would result in the cheapest, most precise, and most effective in-play betting product on the market.