Pin Projekt Continues To Run Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, live games provider Pin Projekt is still up and running, as its innovative drum machines can run with or without human interference.

Pin Projekt clarified that while live dealers and live draw hostesses retain a key role in the business, they can rely on the automated technology to remain completely operational.

But, given the effect the coronavirus had on other studio-based gaming companies, Pin Projekt’s live lottery and table games have still been broadcast to operators including Wwin, PremierBet and 1xBet.

The only difference was a short break for the live dealers, which allowed the company to put things in place to ensure a healthy working space for them to return.

Pin Projekt said that the dealers would be back in the Zagreb studio on Friday as Croatia is not yet in lockdown, but that a return to the fully automated service will be restored quickly if a faster spread of the virus threatens their health.

The company said it made the decision about five years ago to build any aspect of the system in-house to make it more robust in the “most difficult times” but said it never expected, nor desired, a world crisis to explain the strategy.

COO Vedran Katić declared: “Live content is a very important niche in gaming and when you develop every part of the system in house it can make it resilient in the most difficult of times. Relying only on your own software and technology proves important not only in normal day to day business but also in times when things are unpredictable, such as today.

“The unique combination of betting on live events, in our case, live draws has become a very sought for service. Our clients can always rely on us to offer a betting market including rich video streaming content. This is possible due to our proprietary drum machines which are fully automated and can run with or without the live dealers present.

“Although we live in a world in which software appears to be running it, people are still crucial for almost any kind of business but we can also rely solely on our automated technology to keep a continuous operation running.”

Although online casino and a variety of other verticals such as virtual sports and sports were moved to the forefront of the industry’s response to COVID-19, live casino providers struggled to remain operational. Given that an estimated quarter of the world is lockdown and many other countries have implemented social distancing steps, this poses obvious challenges for those who rely on human feedback.

CCO Ivan Grković acknowledged that while online sportsbook or casino operators were often reluctant to accept the idea, these companies might now be “facing the need” to incorporate live streaming lottery or table games in order to reduce revenue losses from other verticals.

He went on to add: “We have changed the niche of the industry by combining betting and lottery games with our proprietary drums to offer clients more than 2,000 draws every day. Our drums are unique and fully automated, which allows us to offer our product with all features, even when the competition relies on human intervention that can’t be delivered.”