Pilot Games Collabs With Minnesota Wild For Charity

A manufacturer and operator of electronic pull tab games in controlled US states, Pilot Games has announced a multi-year collaboration with the Minnesota Wild with its new pull tab game, Let’s Go Wild, to help local youth hockey organisations and Minnesota charities.

In the latest contract, co-founder and CEO Jon Weaver said: “As we learned with our partnership with the Minnesota Vikings, there is a tremendous relationship between professional sports teams, their players, fans and charitable activities. By offering team-related electronic pull tab games to our library of over 70 titles we have created a new way to offer exciting and fun team-content to fans while raising awareness and money for local charities.”

Youth Hockey is an integral part of Minnesota culture, with 260 sites using funds generated from e-gambling to support the sport in the Pilot network of over 1,400 bars.

Supporting Minnesota Charities and Youth Hockey

Weaver added: “The impact of COVID has been profound on community charities and Youth Hockey. The Pilot and Wild team is dedicated to supporting Minnesota Charities and Minnesota Youth Hockey.”

Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Minnesota Wild, Bryan Bellows, commented: “In working with Pilot, we have found an innovative way to both reach our fans and raise dollars for local charities. The Wild has been a proud supporter and partner of Minnesota Youth Hockey for the past 20 years and we encourage all of our fans to check out Let’s Go Wild.”