Pilot Games Championship Series Passes 1 Million Plays

For its Pilot Championship Series, an online version of the electronic pull tab games created for Minnesota players while bars and clubs in the state are closed due to restrictions on Covid-19, Pilot Games has passed 1 million plays.

According to Pilot Games, the landmark for the series demonstrates the capacity to produce a viable ‘play-at-home’ product in response to the pandemic.

The Pilot Championship Series involves all the games that clients will usually have access to as part of the agreement between Pilot Games and NFL side Minnesota Vikings, including the likes of Vikings Victory and Vikings Bingo, at 1,200+ Minnesota venues.

It is significant that, despite the chaos, the games were able to continue online because they collaborated to raise valuable funds in support of charities and local communities.

In legalised states across North America, Pilot Games has emerged as a pioneer in the use of commercial tablets for gaming, having expanded to operate at over 1,400 locations with 7,000 tablets producing annual revenue of over $2 billion.

Recently as a result of coronavirus restrictions, the fifth annual PiCON conference was held online, where charity customers, players and bar owners met to celebrate the success of the Pilot Games and the impact on local charities.