Petition For Fair State Gaming Law In Germany Gains Traction

More than 5,000 people have signed a petition in favour of a fair state gaming law in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The vending machine industry started the petition, which will be submitted to the Baden-Württemberg state legislature, requesting a fair state gaming rule.

Proposed mass closure

At the same time, it condemns the proposed mass closures of state-licensed gambling halls in Baden-Württemberg on June 30 and calls for gambling hall control based on qualitative rather than quantitative standards in order to legalise previously illegal online gambling deals.

From June 30, state-licensed gambling halls in Baden-Württemberg must maintain a 500-meter minimum gap from education and youth centres, closing up to 80 percent of existing locations and jeopardising up to 8,000 of the industry’s 10,000 jobs.

Regulation of gambling halls

“It is absurd to regulate gambling halls with a ruler in the digital age, because online gaming has long since fundamentally changed the gaming market,” said Georg Stecker, a spokesperson for the board of directors of the Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft eV (DAW).

“Instead of antiquated regulation that destroys entrepreneurial livelihoods and thousands of jobs, we need modern regulation. A regulation that relies on qualitative criteria and thus actually strengthens youth and player protection.”

Secure future

A board member of the Automaten-Verband Baden-Württemberg eV (AVBW), Dirk Fischer, added: “June 30 must not become the guillotine of legal games on offer in Baden-Württemberg. Our companies and their employees need a secure future.

“With the best will in the world, I don’t understand why proper, family-run businesses are being forced to close and thousands of people are being made unemployed because of arbitrary minimum intervals, while everyone will soon be able to legally play on their smartphones. On the bus, at home on the sofa or in the school yard. The great support for our petition in Baden-Württemberg and beyond shows me that this is incomprehensible to thousands of other people.”