Peter & Sons Joins YG Masters

As slots developer Peter & Sons becomes the newest company to view an accelerated growth strategy through access to the GATI technology, Yggdrasil has added more scope to its YG Masters programme.

To help partner studios develop and distribute new content, using Yggdrasil’s Game Adaptation Tools & Interface technology, the YG Masters programme was introduced.

Used by all YG Masters partners, GATI is a pre-configured, regulation-ready development toolkit that enables studios and game developers to produce and distribute games anywhere in the world using a standardised technology solution.

This means that partners of YG Masters can source, produce and distribute content and 
accelerate global reach, discovering new ways to maximise revenue, all using simplified interface.
Yann Bautista, business development manager at Peter & Sons said: “We’re excited to partner with Yggdrasil and release our games through the YG Masters program using their pioneering GATI technology.”
“As a growing studio with big ambitions, we are breaking new ground in terms of visuals, gameplay, and mechanics and we are ready to showcase our content to players worldwide.

“We are confident that this partnership and Yggdrasil’s support will be an important stepping stone to achieving our ambitions.”

Peter & Sons, which says that its intention to put “a fresh vision on slots” is being realised, has several games currently under development that are expected to be released later this year.

Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrasil ‘s head of partner programs, added: “Peter & Sons offers a fresh concept with its games featuring beautiful designs and fun and engaging mechanics that will resonate with a broad player base

“We are excited to have them join our growing YG Masters stable and look forward to working together to accelerate their growth and reach by using our proven GATI technology.”

During the last few weeks, Yggdrasil’s YG Masters programme has received many new additions, with Peter & Sons following in the footsteps of Betsson, Jelly, ReelPlay and AvatarUX.

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