Pennsylvania Publish13th Annual Diversity Report Showing COVID Impacts

The 13th annual Diversity Report has been published by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which includes an overview of the activities of each casino related to the execution of their diversity action plans.

The study stressed that 60 percent of its furloughed workers at the twelve operating casinos in Pennsylvania returned to work under the PGCB directed re-openings in June of this year. The licenced casinos / resorts employed a total of 9,883 people on June 30 , 2020.

Commonwealth residents constituted 92 percent of the staff of the casinos, with 43 percent of the workers being women, while 36 percent were racial minorities.

The casinos’ Executive / Management / Professional staff consisted of 1,614 people. Out of this number, 36 percent were women and 21 percent were ethnic minorities.

The study highlighted that it resulted in 5,591 casino workers being furloughed and nearly 900 casino workers or 40 per cent of the total pre-COVID-19 workforce being laid off due to the effect of COVID-19 and the enforced restrictions.

In addition, casinos have developed policies and procedures to tackle the pandemic and its unparalleled industry effects. As constraints relaxed and approved operating procedures were set up, hundreds of additional casino workers returned to work after June 30 , 2020.

Currently, all twelve casinos have reopened and are currently operating with restricted access to certain facilities at reduced capacity, with the majority of non-operating casino construction having resumed.

The PGCB report claims that its casinos continue to interact with organisations that foster supplier diversity and economic empowerment, such as the Minority Supplier Development Council, the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey Women’s Business Enterprise Council, the Neighborhood & Economic Development Department of Pennsylvania, and the Divers Bureau of Pennsylvania Department of General Services

The report emphasises that the goal for property remains community outreach and contributions to charitable causes. The casinos fund programmes that assist disadvantaged people such as the elderly , disabled, homeless, mentally ill, economically disenfranchised and food deprived communities.

It went on to say that hundreds of thousands of pounds of food were donated by the casinos to local charities and food banks. Leadership and managers have continuously concentrated on partnering with community groups at several agencies. Since 2006, the casinos have donated more than $127.1 m to corporate social responsibility programmes and philanthropic initiatives.